Dye Elementary Guest Readers

March 21 Board Meeting

CAMS Students At Detroit Symphony Orchestra Honor’s Events

On Monday March 13 and 20, nineteen students representing Carman-Ainsworth Middle School were welcomed to the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 Middle School Honor Band Orchestra and Honor Ensemble. Students had the opportunity to work with conductors from the DSO’s Civic Youth Ensembles program and play side-by-side with Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians. Following a day of rehearsals all ensembles participated in an evening concert at historic Orchestra Hall in downtown Detroit.

Seventh Grade Band members selected to participate in the the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Honor’s Band include: Noah, Ainsely, Sanet, Lydia, Parker, Malaki, Arianna, Amelia, Alayla, Michael and Alex.

Eight C-AMS 7/8 Grade Orchestra students participated in the first ever DSO Middle School Honor Day’s Orchestra. Students chosen to participate in this ensemble were: Madison, Tamela, Fred, Lauren, Bianca, Destiny, Triniti, and Ariyanna.

Congratulations to all students selected for this event.

MO Peeps Are Going to Worlds!

image1 (2)The MO’ Peeps are the current VEX Robotics Middle School State Champions! The team is a collection of Carman-Ainsworth students who have been working together since September to build, program and compete with VEX Robots. Our two teams, MO’ Peeps and Even MO’ Peeps became State Champs on February 19, 2017 at Michigan State University at the VRC Middle School State Championship in East Lansing. They are currently ranked 9th in the world among 8,184 high school and middle school teams.

This state championship qualified them to compete the World Competition in Louisville, Kentucky on April 19th, 2017. There they will be competing on a global level. They are very excited and are working hard improving their robots in order to do their absolute best in Louisville.

They have worked very hard and done very well to get to this point. Throughout the journey they have earned two State Championship titles, a State Skills Champion title and 9 Tournament Champion titles. They have also earned awards in Excellence, Design, Robot Skills and Think.

So please wish the following students luck as they make their way to Worlds: Kya, Caleb, Jack, Max, Micah, Adrien, Lydia, Alex, Hunter, Ainsley, Parker and Sonny. Good luck to our coaches, Leanne Welch, Dylan Elmer and Ronnie Sherrer, as well.

Robotics Team Places At District Competition

The Carman-Ainsworth FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition®) Team 314 did compete this last weekend at the Kettering University FIRST® Robotics District Competition with 39 other team from around the state to earn points at qualify for a spot at the Michigan FRC State Championship.  This was their first competition in competing this year. They had a fantastic weekend.

  • Overall Rank:  6th in the District event
  • Started the competition out a little rough in 39th spot but with hard work and determination managed to move up the ranks ending the first day in 2nd
  • Was the 5th Alliance Captain which we selected Team 1684, The Chimeras (Lapeer) and Team 5527, Cyber Phoenix (Flint)
  • Played in the Elimination matches. Lost in the quarter-finals
  • We won the Excellence in Engineering Award.  This award celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine features that no other robot displayed.  The winning team has demonstrated these characteristics in many ways from planning through design to execution.
  • Because of these efforts we are currently in a 3 way tie and is ranked 88th place out of about 230 teams that played in the State of Michigan with 35 points earned towards the Michigan FRC State Championship.

Our next competitions are the following:

April 6 – 8, 2017  Livonia District Competition  (Churchill High School, Livonia)

When we qualify (I will know after Livonia District), the Michigan FRC State Championship will be April  12 – 15, 2015 in Saginaw at the Ryder Center, Saginaw Valley State University.

Since fall, 2003, I have been with this team as both a parent and now as a coach / HS advisor  and I could not have been more proud of our students and the accomplishments they have done this last weekend and throughout the build season.

CAMS February Students of the Month

Carman-Ainsworth Education Foundation Fundraisers

3rd Annual CAEF Auction and Raffle

The 3rd Annual CAEF Auction and Raffle will take place at Flushing Valley Country Club on Friday, April 28, 2017; tickets are $25.00. Honorees are Mrs. Lisa Koegel, Mrs. Bonnie Haffajee and Mr. Benjy Jones.

CAEF Book Fair

The CAEF Book Fair will be held at Barnes and Nobel on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The Foundation will receive 15% from every purchase in-store or on-line.

1st Annual CAEF “On the Green” Golf Scramble

 The 1st Annual CAEF “On the Green” Golf Scramble will take place at the Flint Golf Club on Monday, July 24, 2017.

CAMS Honor Roll (3rd Marking Period)

6th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Niylah E.* Ahmed, Afnan A. Barfield, JayDen
Al-Sakkal, Mohammad T. Asphy, Nyasia I. Bosworth, Makayla L.
Alzahabi, Khaled* Counts, Ta’leah S. Burrow, Shyanne M.
Atkins, Cameron J.* Dunn, Silas M. Butler, Cameron H. Jr
Atou, Annessa Gocha, Faith E. Claxton, Sydney J.
Baxter, Triniti E. Grosinsky, Destiny L. Cotterman, Gage M.
Bean, Grant A.* Hackney, David A. Cowson, Rushon A.
Burge, Daidyn L. Jacko, Anthony M. Cox, Jaxson R.
Burley, Aiyana S. Johnson, Aryanna E. Cox, Taryn L.
Campbell, Talise A. Lane, Angel E. Fields, An’Drea C.
Carpenter, Nathan T. McDaniel, Kiara N. Fortner, Morgan M.
Carter, Sarah T. Moore, Premiere A. Gipson, Zariyah T.
Cawood, Kya E. Niner, Angelia K. Gonzalez, Liberty
Crepeau, Mya M. Norris, RaeAnn D. Goss, Nicholas J.
Crosby, Arryonna A. Simpson, Faith M. Hall, Amia T.
Durrett, Omarion Yearby, Kassidy A. Harrington, Daslynn M.
Evans, Keyonte D.* Hightower, Jakquos D. Jr
Fee, Landen J. Kumar, Sabareesh
Fisher, Gabrielle M. Long, Jaden T.
Frederique, Ashely D. Mills, Aaron A.
Ghannoum, Eman* Morris, Halye L.
Goss, Zoey P. Muhammad, Dhakirah M.
Hatter, Jalen K. Nelson, Jeidyn C.
Heit, Isabella M. Norman-Davis, Eric A.
Holbrook, Malachi J.* Owens-Blackmon, Vernon S.
Jimmerson, Jazmyne M. Paige, Caden V.
Kenworthy, Katherine M. Parrish, Te’Ajia A.
Lillard, Raina N.* Reese, Mystic R.
McDaniel, Jalaya K. Rodriguez, Serenity H.
Meshraky, Kirolous M.* Simpkins, Alonzo T.
Miller, Samantha A. Stephen, JaDyne B.
Mohler, Emily R.* Williams, Robert C.
Pangerl, Paige A. Yoder, Zion I.
Robinson, Sierra C.
Roy, Jack C.*
Scott, Sa Niyah S.
Shamly, Micah M.*
Smith, Ian A.
Smith, Sylmaria R.
Sublett, Janna N.
Tenson, Charielle S.
Van Fleet, Chassidy L.
Walker, Jamelia S.
Wallace, Terrance L.
Wells, Matthew B.
Zhao, Aaron*

7th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Allen, Leah R. Albrati, Abdulrahman N. Allen, Julius M. Jr
Baxter, Ashanti K.* Belton, Yaszmen M. Begley, Kloe I.
Beavers, Waymond M. Bowers, Le’anders A. Boyd, Jonathan W.
Boyd, Chavonte’ L. Buchler, Aiden L. Brown, Kevonna N.
Bright, Madison C.* Caldwell, Angel M. Burns, Britney E.
Brown, Allison K.* Crawley, Nicholas A. Burns, Maddison T.
Brown, Kendall A. Daunt, Emma N. Chandonnet, Michael C.
Buck, Ashlyn N.* Dones, Jenesis J. Conway, A’Mariyah N.
Cook, Vincent C.* Fisher, Lauren D. Cruz, Romeo Jr
Dobbins, Sierrah M. Forgette, Jesse A. Davis, Jamya A.
Edwards, Malaki D.* Gatewood, Alaysia E. Ellison, Christian J.
Gasser, Amelia C.* Gentz, Christine M. Fadil, Shayma H.
Ghannoum, Noran* Grosinsky, Rain L. Foth, Kylee J.
Green, Hudson D. II* Hadden, Harli R. Freeman, Makayla R.
Halbedel, Triniti M. Johnson, Aleiya C. Gibbs-Baker, Joshua S.
Hamilton, Myli I. Kinder, Savannah N. Gillum, Yasmine T.
Jackson, Inell S. Martin, Clalexis M. Hawkins, Shakylah R.
Jenkins, Amaya C. McLaughlin, Daryl G. Jr Horton, Precious A.
Johnson, Andre F. III Montiel, Diego A. Key, Ky’Mariona S.
Jones, Cynai C. Motley, Kameron E. Kingsbury, Melissa D.
Kamien, Ariyanna N. Nelson, Kaneesa M. Laffrey, Dominique R.
Kemp, Aalicia I. Odom, Reina C. Lathon, Paris O.
King, Geordrena D. Ollie, Christina R. Malone, Anthony J.
Lasley, Ethan W. Oswald, Diamond Marsh, Kayla E.
Marzette, Zanaya S. Penton, Devin W. Mattson, Noah T.
Milow, Alayla K. Smith, Khomani D. McMinn-Peterson, Gabriel H.
Minzey, Lydia E.* Smith-Daniels, Alexis M. O’Neal, Dre’ana C.
Moore, Kennedy A. Stewart, Daysha S. Payne, Jaspernaya B.
Munn, Arianna J.* Travis, Emma F. Penton, Isaiah C.
Myott, Hayley R. Walker, Isis D. Peterson, Shawn N.
Nelson, Ja’Karra P. Williams, Cleveland L. Jr Routt, Micah W.
Oosterhof, Parker A. Wilson, Naomi L. Sipes, Justice M.
Palmer, Alysea K. Zhao, Steven Smith, Katricia B.
Pearson, Dylan B. Spell, Brianna N.
Phinisee, Ma’Kayla N. Thompson, Kielin D.
Raquepaw, Emily R. Thompson, Raven R.
Shamly, Sanet B.* Thorpe, Emma M.
Smith, Amari M. Velez, Marianelli L.
Thomas, Zion A. Wagner, Kaylynn C.
Treiger, Aaron D.* Walker, Yasmine S.
Vanderhyde, Ainsley N.* Warren, DeVona C.
Warren, DeJeriona C. Watkins, Jaidyn L.
Weathers, Andre L. Jr* Wicks, Destiny M.
Wickham, Alexander G.* Willis, Salena R.
Williams, Kyeliyah S. Yax, Paige D.
Wright, Khyonna S.*
Wright, Morgan M.

8th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Allen, Rachel G. Abron, Je’niyriah A. Albrati, Bushra N.
Betts, A’Miya E.* Beard, Trencye M. Armstrong, Alexis P.
Bhagat, Abhi J.* Conlen, Jaden M. Banks, Samaria K.
Bishop, Melvin A. Ellison, Aaliyah K. Betts, Dakari L.
Bostwick, Darwin D. Farmer, Brooke L. Boggan, Taniya D.
Bowers, Bianca C.* Hadden, Stephanie R. Bradford-Walker, Priscilla L.
Boyd, Makayla L. Holliman, Donta M. Jr Coleman, Logan A.
Brame, Zakaria N. Lewis, Alivia R. Collins, Evyn E.
Callaway, Aniya L. Long, Miyasia L. Davis, Darnell A.
Carpenter, Jesse O. Jr Matusik, Landon C. Davis, Lakyra J.
Cross, Morgan J. McNeal, Dalero D. DeLoach, MarQuall W.
Davis-Gaines, Aniyah M. Miller-Thompson, Jasean W. Elsafadi, Cham
Durrett-Gipson, Amorianah Nunn, Jayden S. Fields, Alonna N.
Flander, Larrisa M. O’Connor, Lili R. Forster, Brianna N.
Freeney, Aiden D.* Palmateer, Victoria H. Gill, David A.
Ghannoum, Byain* Perkins, Kenneth D. Jr Goines, Amani S.
Gibson, Orlando J. Read, William C. Graham, Mariya A.
Glasstetter, Gavin L.* Rogers, Jason S. II Green, Jason W. Jr
Harris, Ethan M. Shirley-Knox, Cameron M. Hamilton, Sa’Rah A.
Harvey, Lauren K. Simpson, Desire’ S. Harris, Bobbie K.
Holder, Samya R. Southward, David Jr Harris, Ny’Onia T.
Ishmael, Andrew R. Terrell, Kelita M. Hodge-Maresh, Desmyn M.
Kumar, Anisha R.* Thomas, Charli S. Holbrook, Kayli M.
McIntosh, Caran C.* Thoune, Izabella R. Horne, Rashad D. Jr
Merriwether, Landon E.* Urquhart, Curtisa L. Hoyle, Dyemesheann K.
Noakes, Demetrius D. Jr Walker, Anyllah M. Jackson, Dasani L.
Palmer, Sarah E.* White, Elijah M. Jones, Qua’Vontez O.
Palmer, Weston L. Kemp, Jonah L.
Pearson, Harley R.* Kirby, Hannah E.
Pelky, Abbigail J.* Lee, Shanay S.
Petty, Jacob C. Letson, Alexandrea R.
Roe, Sarah K.* Liggins, Kameel M.
Rose, Caleb J.* Lyles-Royster, Dionia J.
Sanders-White, Mi’Angel A. Malloy, Jalil O.
Shaw, Anastasia A.* Miller, Christian J.
Simmons, Jackson M.* Miller, Clyde D. Jr
Smith, Jurni L.* Miller, Karis I.
Stevens, Darchell J. Muhammad, Taim Allah
Terrell, Kelise M. Noakes, E’Toria J.
Tomlin, Kalayia J.* Ochodnicky, Skye M.
Young, Christa A. Peterson, KeAzia N.
Quintana Gomez, Gladys D.
Reece, Kevin A.
Reed, Jasmine P.
Richmond, Yilaina D.
Smith, Shun J. II
Snow-Cooper, Chudeah A.
Tanner, Kaniya S.
Tedford, Kyla K.
Thomas, Nasjeria M.
Thompson, Kishon D.
Tunstall, Isaiah H.
Willingham, Tacyra C.
Womack, Jariah L.
Zaid, Abdulghader F.

Rankin’s Title 1 Science Night

Sloan Museum came to Rankin to show the students and parents some fascinating science. Families learned about the ecosystem, built a water filter, designed a chair, and much more.

One World, Many Stories

Dillon hosted another successful Language Arts Fair on February 28. Nearly 250 people enjoyed a delicious dinner, games, crafts, and stories. The halls were covered with students’ class work and art relating to the theme “One World, Many Stories”. As families explored the displays, there were crafts and activities to add to the experience, including African animal presentations by Mrs. Grulke’s second and third grade students. It was a great evening full of learning and fun for everyone!