Holiday Assistance 2017

Toys For Tots– Registration period: Nov. 27th– Dec. 9th, HOURS: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.4425 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI. 48507. You can call 715-4401 or go to for more information. They can NOT service foster care families. They serve children through age 15; children over age 15, they will issue a referral for those children (only) to Old Newsboys. To receive help, you can NOT be signed up with any other agency!                                                                                                                                             

Old Newsboys– Registration period is October 30th – December 22nd. The number is 744-1840. Old Newsboys is located on 6255 Taylor Drive (off Hill Roadbetween U.S. 23 and VanSlyke Road.)

·         Must bring: Drivers License or State ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificates or Judgments of Legal Custody for each childenrolled, income document (2016 tax records, current MI Medicaid Card or Acceptance to Federal School Lunch Program).


Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministries– Helps with Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. They also have a coat/boot program. Contact number is (810) 234-2479. Call for information, may need referral from caseworker.

Student Competitions

VFW-Patriot Pen

VFW-VOD Contest

Open House Schedule

Thursday, September 7, 2017

  • Dillon, Dye & Randels Elementaries • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Atlantis High School/Under 16 • 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

  • Rankin Elementary • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

  • C-A Middle School • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Carman-Ainsworth — Baker Career Academy • 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Monday, September 18, 2017

  • C-A High School • 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.


Mornings can be really crazy and sometimes there is no time for your child to eat at home. Please be aware that we serve breakfast in every school building. A nutritious school breakfast helps students be more alert so they can focus in class. It also provides the vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body. See below for your school and breakfast serving times.


  • High School – 7:00 a.m.
  • Middle School – 7:35 a.m.
  • Dillon Elementary – 8:05 a.m.
  • Dye Elementary – 8:05 a.m.
  • Randels Elementary – 8:35 a.m.
  • Rankin Elementary – 8:35 a.m.
  • Alternative Ed – 7:10 a.m.

Superintendent’s Letter

Welcome Back Carman-Ainsworth Cavaliers!

I am extremely excited about the upcoming 2017-2018 school year! Once again, I am looking forward to the positive partnerships and community engagement opportunities that help ensure academic as well as social success for all Carman-Ainsworth students. There are some important changes to make you aware of for this school year:

  • School-based Health Center at Carman-Ainsworth High School– Our partnership with the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) at Michigan Medicine aligns with the district’s continued commitment to the health and well-being of students and the community. The fully functioning health center will provide valuable resources to our students and families that will include but are not limited to: Immunizations, Physical Exams, Sick Visits, Nutrition Counseling, Health and Fitness Education Programs & Groups, Confidential Mental Health Services and Psychotherapy, Vision Screening and Referrals for Community Resources. You can find more information about health center on the RAHS website at: or by calling 810-591-5473.
  • Free breakfast and lunch for all Carman-Ainsworth students– Based on our current Free and Reduced Lunch data, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools qualifies to participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), a program designed to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students without the burden of collecting and processing free and reduced price meal applications. All students in Carman-Ainsworth, beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, will receive one breakfast and one lunch daily at no charge. Although students will receive meals at no charge, all families will be required to complete a Household Information Survey in order for us to fulfill our requirement and obligation for participation in the program. Survey forms are available in the main office of each school.
  • Check out our new website!– After months of hard work, Carman-Ainsworth is excited to announce the launch of our new website. We are continuing to make changes to our website to ensure that information is easily accessible to our school community. Along with our new look; you will soon have an opportunity to download an app to a smart phone or any other auxiliary computer device which will allow for more efficient connections to information concerning your child’s school as well as district information. We hope you find the new website fresh and modern; we are working hard to make sure it contains valuable information to assist you with your student’s needs.
  • New Elementary School Start and End Times– The start and end times for the elementary buildings have been adjusted and will be as follows:

Dillon Elementary and Dye Elementary

Regular Full Day                  8:25 a.m. – 3:39 p.m.

District wide ½ day              8:25 a.m. – 11:49 a.m.

Late Start Wednesdays      9:25 a.m. – 3:39 p.m.

Randels Elementary and Rankin Elementary

Regular Full Day                  8:55 a.m. –  4:09 p.m.

District wide ½ day              8:55 a.m. – 12:19 p.m.

Late Start Wednesdays      9:55 a.m. – 4:09 p.m.

We believe that the new start and end times strike the right balance for our community and all of our unique geographic and traffic realities.

I feel the above initiatives will continue to position us to meet the needs of our students and community and demonstrate our commitment to work together to guarantee learning for every student. Thank you for your continued support of Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools.



Middle School Schedule Pick-Up/Orientation

Middle School Schedule Pick-Up/Orientation:

  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 8:00 am – 11:00 am and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Please bring completed forms, pick up student schedules, receive locker assignments and have student school pictures taken. Any student with an outstanding book or equipment fine will not receive a class schedule until the fine is paid or the materials returned. Schedules will also be held if we are in need of proof of residency. Please address these issues in the main office.

If you are not able to attend schedule pick up/orientation, student schedules will be available in the Main Office from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Thursday, August 24 through Thursday, August 31. Please bring all completed forms to receive your student’s schedule.

Picture day for students who miss orientation is scheduled for Thursday, September 28.

Please make sure your student brings their schedule to school with them the first week; new schedules will NOT be issued.

If you were not able to pick up your student schedule during any of the above listed dates, please have your student report to the auditorium the first day of school.

CAMS Honor Roll

8th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Je’niyriah A.* Albrati, Bushra N. Aldabyani, Dunya D.
Allen, Rachel G.* Boyd, Makayla L. Armstrong, Alexis P.
Betts, A’Miya E. Davis, Darnell A. Banks, Samaria K.
Bhagat, Abhi J. Davis, Lakyra J. Beard, Trencye M.
Bishop, Melvin A. Davis-Gaines, Aniyah M. Betts, Dakari L.
Bostwick, Darwin D. Durrett-Gipson, Amorianah Black, Andrew K.
Bowers, Bianca C.* Holbrook, Kayli M. Blackwell-Anderson, Wunokea E.
Brame, Zakaria N.* Lewis, Alivia R. Bradford-Walker, Priscilla L.
Callaway, Aniya L. Long, Miyasia L. Branch, Annitre’ M.
Carpenter, Jesse O. Jr O’Connor, Lili R. Brumley, Jordyn N.
Conlen, Jaden M. Palmer, Weston L. Buggs, Sydney S.
Ellison, Aaliyah K. Perkins, Kenneth D. Jr Collins, Evyn E.
Flander, Larrisa M. Petty, Jacob C. Cross, Morgan J.
Freeney, Aiden D.* Rogers, Jason S. II Cunningham, Catie E.
Ghannoum, Byain* Shirley-Knox, Cameron M. Day, Dayshana M.
Gibson, Orlando J. Stevens, Darchell J. Elsafadi, Cham
Glasstetter, Gavin L.* Tomlin, Kalayia J. Farmer, Brooke L.
Greenlee, Najee O.* Forster, Brianna N.
Hamilton, Sa’Rah A. Gray, Ron Naejha J.
Harris, Ethan M. Harris, Bobbie K.
Harvey, Lauren K. Harris, Ny’Onia T.
Holder, Samya R. Hodge-Maresh, Desmyn M.
Jackson, Dasani L. Hoyle, Dyemesheann K.
Kumar, Anisha R.* Ishmael, Andrew R.
Lyles-Royster, Dionia J. Jackson, Wendell D. III
McIntosh, Caran C.* Jamison, Amia S.
McNeal, Dalero D. Jordan, Kamannie D.
Merriwether, Landon E. Karhoff, Alyssa R.
Mosley, J’Mani R. Kemp, Jonah L.
Noakes, Demetrius D. Jr* Kimmons, Airanna T.
Palmateer, Victoria H. Lee, Shanay S.
Palmer, Sarah E. LeGrande, Nevaeh R.
Pearson, Harley R.* Liebert, Blake E.
Pelky, Abbigail J.* Liggins, Kameel M.
Roe, Sarah K.* Malloy, Jalil O.
Rose, Caleb J.* Matusik, Landon C.
Shaw, Anastasia A. Miller, Karis I.
Simmons, Jackson M.* Miller-Thompson, Jasean W.
Smith, Jurni L. Nunn, Jayden S.
Thomas, Charli S. Palmateer, Alexandria G.
Thoune, Izabella R. Perez-Reed, Michael A.
Wray, Alyssa J. Purches, Bre’asia A.
Young, Christa A. Quintana Gomez, Gladys D.
Richmond, Yilaina D.
Sanders-White, Mi’Angel A.
Schupbach, Hanna C.
Simpson, Desire’ S.
Southward, David Jr
Tanner, Kaniya S.
Taylor, Nathanial J.
Terrell, Kelise M.
Terrell, Kelita M.
Thomas, Nasjeria M.
Thompson, Kishon D.
Thompson, Valonte L. Jr
Tunstall, Isaiah H.
Urquhart, Curtisa L.
Walker, Anyllah M.
Watson, Estela M.
Williams, Jimmie A.
Willingham, Tacyra C.
Womack, Jariah L.
Zaid, Abdulghader F.

7th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Allen, Leah R. Albrati, Abdulrahman N. Babbitt, Aireyon T.
Baxter, Ashanti K.* Bowers, Le’anders A. Belton, Yaszmen M.
Beavers, Waymond M. Brown, Sha’Toya J. Boyd, Jonathan W.
Boyd, Chavonte’ L. Crawley, Nicholas A. Burns, Maddison T.
Bright, Madison C.* Forgette, Jesse A. Caldwell, Angel M.
Brown, Allison K. Gatewood, Alaysia E. Contreras, Alize D.
Brown, Kendall A. Grosinsky, Rain L. Cruz, Romeo Jr
Buck, Ashlyn N.* Johnson, Aleiya C. Dones, Jenesis J.
Cook, Vincent C.* Johnson, Timia D. Durbin, Jacob A.
Dobbins, Sierrah M. Kamien, Ariyanna N. Ellison, Christian J.
Edwards, Malaki D.* Kemp, Aalicia I. Esmail, Salah M.
Gasser, Amelia C.* Mattson, Noah T. Fadil, Shayma H.
Gentz, Christine M. Nelson, Ja’Karra P. Fisher, Lauren D.
Ghannoum, Noran* Palmer, Alysea K. Freeman, Makayla R.
Green, Hudson D. II Payne, Jaspernaya B. Gibbs-Baker, Joshua S.
Halbedel, Triniti M.* Scobey, Mason W. Hamilton, Myli I.
Johnson, Andre F. III Smith, Amari M. Hawkins, Shakylah R.
Jones, Cynai C. Smith-Daniels, Alexis M. Horton, Precious A.
King, Geordrena D. Stewart, Daysha S. Humphrey, Jasmin A.
Lasley, Ethan W. Thorpe, Emma M. Jackson, A’Mya N.
Martin, Clalexis M. Travis, Emma F. Jackson, Inell S.
Marzette, Zanaya S. Warren, DeJeriona C. Jenkins, Amaya C.
Milow, Alayla K. Williams, Cleveland L. Jr Kinder, Savannah N.
Minzey, Lydia E.* Wilson, Naomi L. Laffrey, Dominique R.
Moore, Kennedy A. Yax, Paige D. Lathon, Paris O.
Munn, Arianna J. Morrison, Donovan D.
Myott, Hayley R. Motley, Kameron E.
Oosterhof, Parker A. Odom, Reina C.
Pearson, Dylan B.* O’Neal, Dre’ana C.
Phinisee, Ma’Kayla N. Penton, Devin W.
Raquepaw, Emily R. Penton, Isaiah C.
Shamly, Sanet B.* Smith, Katricia B.
Thomas, Zion A. Smith, Khomani D.
Treiger, Aaron D.* Spell, Brianna N.
Vanderhyde, Ainsley N.* Taylor, Ta’Shala B.
Weathers, Andre L. Jr* Thomas, Mia K.
Wickham, Alexander G.* Thompson, Kielin D.
Williams, Kyeliyah S. Walker, Yasmine S.
Wright, Khyonna S.* Warren, DeVona C.
Zhao, Steven Wicks, Destiny M.
Wright, Morgan M.

6th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Niylah E. Atkins, Cameron J. Ahmed, Afnan A.
Alzahabi, Khaled Baxter, Triniti E. Al-Sakkal, Mohammad T.
Campbell, Talise A. Bean, Grant A. Asphy, Nyasia I.
Carpenter, Nathan T. Carter, Sarah T. Bizzle, Devlin V. Jr
Crosby, Arryonna A. Dunn, Silas M. Burge, Daidyn L.
Evans, Keyonte D. Fisher, Gabrielle M. Burley, Aiyana S.
Fee, Landen J. Frederique, Ashely D. Burrow, Shyanne M.
Ghannoum, Eman* Goss, Zoey P. Cawood, Kya E.
Hatter, Jalen K. Heit, Isabella M. Cook, Brooke C.
Holbrook, Malachi J.* Jacko, Anthony M. Counts, Ta’leah S.
Jimmerson, Jazmyne M. McDaniel, Jalaya K. Cox, Jaxson R.
Kenworthy, Katherine M. Miller, Makiah E. Cox, Taryn L.
Lillard, Raina N. Miller, Samantha A. Durrett, Omarion
Meshraky, Kirolous M. Robinson, Sierra C. Fields, An’Drea C.
Mohler, Emily R. Smith, Sylmaria R. Gocha, Faith E.
Pangerl, Paige A. Van Fleet, Chassidy L. Gonzalez, Liberty
Roy, Jack C.* Walker, Jamelia S. Hackney, David A.
Scott, Sa Niyah S. Jordan, Morgan N.
Shamly, Micah M.* Kumar, Sabareesh
Smith, Ian A. Lane, Angel E.
Tenson, Charielle S. Mills, Aaron A.
Wells, Matthew B.* Moore, Premiere A.
Zhao, Aaron Neyland, Ajhia
Norman-Davis, Eric A.
Norris, RaeAnn D.
Simpson, Faith M.
Smith, DeAndrea’ M.
Sublett, Janna N.
Wallace, Terrance L.
Yearby, Kassidy A.
Yoder, Zion I.

CAHS Honor Roll


3.8 – 4.0 High Honors 3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Aaron, Jessiana K. Bailey, Caleb P. Allen, Sunshine A.
Abdalla, Omar Blackburn, Eric J. Al-Wajeh, Rowaida N.
Ashburn, Da’Miya D. Brady, Tyshae A. Arnold, Hannah N.
Bradley, Victoria P.* Brown, Quinton C. Beavers, Alexandria N.
Brassaw, Logan M.* Burns, Ashleigh N. Boyd, Khalik X.
Brown, Ashley D. Chaney, Nkya D. Boyd, Mon’yae K.
Carroll, Emily N.* Compaore, Teshan M. Bridges, Ja’Quay A.
Carter, Jack R. Dexter, India I. Brown, Savannah M.
Counts, Aniya A. Esmail, Ghadeer M. Brown-Banks, Kanina T.
Davis, Angela M. Fletcher, Dustin A. Bryant, Me’Aira M.
Dollinger, Lily A.* Frank, Elizabeth J. Bullard, Ninti T.
Earley, Adrianna N. Green, Alex B. Cooper, Hailie A.
Findlay, Tyler B. Haley, E’Onia F. Cooper, Serenity R.
Gagnon, Ian W. Hodge, Caleb W. Garner, Ronia J.
Gorton, Sylvia M. Holbrook, Mikaiah P. Hahn, Edward J.
Gramse, Lawrence L. Jr Holmes, Latrelle W. III Hamlet, Kandreya A.
Grear, Sataria A.* Jackson, Aymarri G. Holbrook, Mikayla R.
Hachem, Batoul A.* Kirby, Bridgitte N. Holder, Carte’a D.
Harris, Alexis R. Liggins, Tyrone J. Hopson, Aarika L.
Hynan, Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Kennedy K. Ingram, Jerianne M.
Isaacson, Tessa R. Murphy, Nevaeh I. Jackson, Joshua I.
Jefferies, Tanya A. Quinn, Jehne’ S. Johnson, Alexander H.
Jones, Nicole A.* Routt, Matthew G. Johnson, Pierce A.
Kemp, Jasiri V.* Scobey, Riley E. Jones, Qyara M.
Keys, Jasmine A. Simpson, Montrel D. II Jourdan, Shayla S.
Koegel, Cameron D.* Spreng, Michael D. Kehoe, Myles D.
Kumar, Brijesh Williams, Madison A. King, Chenelle M.
Langston Fielder, Senia R. Zaid, Sonua F. King, Eeshyia A.
MacDermaid, Nicole E.* Zaiter, Mazzen A. Lane, Brittney B.
Maguffee, Keegan D. Mance, De’andre T.
McBride, Joselyn E.* Maples, Joshua L.
Morgan, Kourtney L.* Martin, Jordan A.
Muhumed, Ayan A.* McDaniel, Noah R.
Pearson, Desiree’ C.* Miller, Dori’asia D.
Shukairy, Keenan * Miller, Mattison M.
Stewart, Geonna A.* Newton, Immanuel I.
Todd, Alicia A. Osborn, Alicia M.
Travis, Madison J. Pangerl, Grace L.
Vines, Tamia V. Parker, Marques M.
White, Kyle J. Parkinson, Jasmine J.
Wickham, Ian H.* Pettiford, Alexis L.
Williams, Theron I. Pompey, Ronnie Jr
Yousif, Asmaa Potts, Deandric D.
Proctor, Ja’Naea N.
Randall, Aimee M.
Ratynski, Nathan J.
Stallings, Jakia J.
Tartt, Xeryia M.
Taylor, Jasmine A.
Walker, Keilen M.
Wilson, Quinesha L.


3.8 – 4.0 High Honors 3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Ahmad, Huma M.* Albright, Aniyah M. Adams-Spillers, Jeremiah M.
Auston, Audra C. Blake, Bobby L. Bailey, Cameren D.
Bachmeier, Jordan D.* Collins, Diont’e R. Baker, Adam J.
Bowie, Kelly M. Dittenber, Joseph P. Barber, Devin A.
Boyd, Brendan M. Doty, Molly D. Barry, Cedric C. Jr
Boyd, Niah C. Fisher, Alayna R. Bauswell-Osborn, Quaira H.
Bradshaw, India R. Gillard, Kierra I. Billingsley, Erica B.
Brantley, Rayven F.* Hamlett, Daslynn M. Blount, Jakobe’ E.
Bridgett, Brittani L.* Hawthorne, Amari L. Bobcean, Jamie C.
Caldwell, Jasia R. Henderson, Myron D. Jr Broome, Randall E. II
Combs, Alanna A. Hudson-Stillwell, A’Nya L. Browne, En-Dia N.
Dollinger, Mary J.* Hunt-Rapp, Kayla G. Butler, Antoine L. Jr
Ebert, Isaiah Q.* Kenney, Katia T. Cadarette, Aaron L.
Farhan, Mohamed J. Khirfan, Jennah S. Canada, Erin S.
Fletcher, Falon R. Moore, MacKenzie H. Cardwell, Lauren B.
Franklin, Karimah A.* Pincomb, Evans G. Carter, Aaron R.
Ghannoum, Batoul * Rowsey, Arlana M. Cook, William C.
Ghoseyni, Khalil R.* Ryan, Marcelia L. Croskey, Morgan L.
Ghoseyni, Sameya M. Sam-Farmer, Veronica A. Dang, Kenny V.
Gleason, Garrett M. Spiller, Essiana R. Elbert, Ronnie G. III
Haley, Je’tia J. Sweney, Samantha N. Engman, Skilar R.
Hall, Mikaya K. Velez, Madalena P. Eubanks, La’Angel M.
Hobson, Jiyana Y. Wells, Alawnah R. Fadel, Ahmed T.
House, Harold D. III Whalen, Cody S. Fisher, Amaya J.
Hughes, Alexis S.* Ford, Autumn A.
Ingram, Zarria G. Foster, MeMe S.
Jerome, Sean H.* Fox, Andrew G.
Johnson, Shamya L. Garner, Samuel E. Jr
Kile, Shelby D. Gatica, Santos Q.
King, Karyn S.* Glaser, John R.
King, Terae M. Jr Gonzalez, Robert N.
Lindley, D’wan L. II Hachem, Zeinab M.
Maroof, Raef S.* Harmon, Aniya J.
McIntire, Jenna E. Harrison, Areyana D.
Milow, Alana R. Harvey, Jeremiah S.
Morris, Shalynn L. Henderson-Herbert, Ke’niya M.
Noakes, Torri X. Hill, Wallace V
Olivier, Jada L. Hinton, Rafeal D.
Redmond, Ania M. Howard, Stephon M.
Shah, Iman F. Johnson, Destiny D.
Sharp, Ja’Kaila C. Jones, Tamiria Y.
Smith, Arianna A. Karbowski, John T.
Smith, Autumn N. Keyes, Keshawn M.
Welsh, Janiya T.* Lang, Asil L.
Young, Eli A.* Lawson, William B.
Lester, Destinee C.
Lester, Diamond J.
McGuire, Andrew P. II
Morris, J’Vonte T.
Morris, Terra S.
Moye, Taleah J.
Newsom, Derek L.
Noakes, Da’Sharia T.
Osborn, Stephanie M.
Palmer, Myracle C.
Parker, Micah L. II
Payne, Kolby M.
Phillips, Karissa A.
Reed, Alaiha E.
Reed, Ociea Z.
Rutherford, Ahamad K.
Shukairy, Ahmed Z.
Smith, Amoz L.
Smith, Aniyah L.
Smith, Clayton M.
Smith, Colin M.
Stone, Noelle L.
Streeter, Tanea D.
Strong, Trenton R.
Talarico, Vanessa A.
Thurston, Hannah L.
Villarreal, Aurora A.
Weston, Charneice F.
Williams, Amante’ R.
Williams, LaKiayha M.
Williams, Taylor R.
Wingard, Makiyah M.
Young, Zachary W.


3.8 – 4.0 High Honors 3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Anderson, A’Naia J. Boulden, Alexandre’a P. Abron, Andre’naya J.
Black, Jada M. Bowie, Kaitlyn M. Aldroubi, Fatema
Boyd, Chante’ J. Brewer, Zachary R. Bailey, Le V. III
Burgess, Hannah G. Carroll, Maxwell J. Ball, Imahja U.
Chambers, Keayera R. Collins, Arron M. Banks Hearst, Arriyana E.
Dang, Evangelina B.* Conway, Ataya K. BeCoats, Justin B.
Davis, Destiny M. Cook, Natalie E. Bell, Karla K.
Foth, Hanami K. Fairbrother, Alexandra R. Brooks, Mykala I.
Gillespie, Rachel L. Fogarsi, Ciera J. Brophy, Tyler P.
Hafez, Zainab Fryer, Ta’mya K. Brown, Ashton L.
Humphrey, Jalayah D. Hall, Charles T. III Cabell, Nya L.
King, Danielle S.* Harrison, Tayler A. Calhoun, Bless J.
Koegel, Carson J.* Holland, Aleysha R. Cooper, Malaysha M.
Lawrence, Taylor M. Holland, Autumn T. Duncan, Omari L.
Locke, Jacob R. Hood, Niajah M. Ebarb, Christina A.
McClellan, Michael A. Jr Howell, Sophia U. Freeney, Christian A.
McGruder, Khalia A. Jefferson, Morgan G. Friend, Naijha S.
Morgan, Alexis N. Johnson, LaTisha L. Goulbourne, Kendre’ D.
Parker, Mariah M. Lara, Sierra S. Heaton, Connor W.
Polzin, Christopher D. Laury, Taniya M. Hubbard, Tyler S.
Sherrer, Morgan M.* Lewis, Mikaya D. Jackson, Zakara A.
Shukairy, Nisreen * Moore, Macie L. Jefferies, Tiara M.
Southward, Shai’tara D. Shippy, Chance C. Johnson, Ayanna D.
Thomas, Alyssa S. Smith, Briaja B. Johnson, Jacobi L.
Tipton-Thomas, Mizahnyi T. Smoots-Hoyle, Cherry A. Kavula, Amber L.
Wafiy, Jayyid A. Speaks, Katie L. Kiras, Tabitha A.
Williams, Lenitta R. Yearby, Kya N. Kuczera, Rachel S.
Woods, Krystal M.* Young, Brittany H. Lewis, Ja’kavien K.
Yost, Jacob J. Lewis, My’Kah J.
Young, Marianna M. Locke, Jasmine M.
Maguffee, Shaelyn R.
Malone, Jeanetta A.
McDaniels, Makayla L.
McFadden, Shaunya S.
McGilvery, Kate L.
McIntosh, Kelsey R.
McKenzie, Karlynn A.
Miles, Draper L. II
Mills, Courtney M.
Mixon, Aleah T.
Phillips, Alexandria R.
Powell, Roosevelt III
Reed-Gonzalez, Zophieia L.
Regimbal, Moira A.
Reynero, Victoria E.
Rodgers, Brynna C.
Scott, Crystal N.
Sheely, Yazmine M.
Stephens, Andrew N.
Thomas, Adam T.
Thompson, Naseem H.
Thompson, Variya A.
White, Jacob D.


3.8 – 4.0 High Honors 3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Aubrey, Christian G. Alawlaqi, Salma N. Ahmed-Ghani, Izza M.
Bhagat, Jina J.* Andrew, Amanda P. Andrews, Montanna A.
Bragg, Kendall M. Atkins, Madison A. Bolf, Seth A.
Brown, Alicia M.* Bakr, Larza K. Bowers, Alyla J.
Card, Tiffany M.* Benson, Ocher A. Brewer, Jazzmin A.
Clark, Paris A. Bissonette, Lauryn M. Buckley, Zeontre’ M.
Cooper, Imani K. Blackmon, Nate’ L. Byrd, Montraee T. II
Cox, Caity A. Boose, Dereka L. Carpenter-Smith, Ashton A.
Crater, Shon’Tageah L. Collins, Gabrielle L. Chapman, Shamiya Q.
Cunningham, Joshua E. Dyke, Madison M. Clay, Ahmard R. Jr
Curtis, Bailey M.* Evans, Ashley R. Collins, Andrew D.
Davis, Teaira S. Fowlkes, Alaysia D. Collins, Luther W.
Ebert, Garrett A.* Garcia, Haley R. Crews, Brianna M.
Fell, Caitlyn J.* Givens, Darius K. DePew, Laura A.
Gamble, Hilton C. Hall McLavish, Destiny C. Dollinger, Eleanor R.
Greer, Zachary J. Hicks, Shakeelah H. Fiewig, Spencer J.
Humphrey, Jayla D. Jones, Gabrielle A. Floyd, Aaron D.
Hynan, Isabelle L.* Kelch, Ashley N. Ford, Janay N.
Kamal, Afra S.* Liddle, Madelyn F. Gagnon, Aaron M.
King, Justin A. Lloyd, Maria C. Green, Trent A.
Lowe, Alexis M. Madison, T’Onia S. Greene, Kevin A. III
Mason, D’Mya A.* Magnuson, Ashley M. Grimm, Malissa M.
McNair, Dajene’ N.* Miller-Tipton, Heavenly M. Harris, Cashae K.
Palmer, Zahria L. Moore, Ayana M. Haygood, En’Dea S.
Pangerl, Wyatt A. Moore, Shaniah N. Hill, Amari D.
Pearson, Chelsea C. Navarre, Austin W. Holloman, Marques T.
Pepitone, Megan L. Pettigrew, Baylie A. Hornaday, Dana M.
Richard, Bre’Lanee’ N. Ritchie, Alexis M. Hubbard, Kaitlyn A.
Scott, Mi’Toya L. Rodgers-Daniels, Jayla E. Hunter, Eric D. II
Silva, Leticia E.* Rouse, Taylor A. Jones, Shireuna J.
Simon, Sharelle S. Shackelford, Nyrrah N. Kirksey, Dejah C.
Smith, Tyona S. Thompson, Alexia M. Latchaw, Wesleyanne F.
Tomkinson, Justin L. Wilson, Kiaja D. Laury, Leaira J.
Van Duyne, Olivia M. Laury, Leeona M.
Vantine, Arianna M. Lawler, Samiah I.
Whittington, Tiffany C. Lewis, Willis D. IV
Wright, Rudolph M. IV Lloyd-Hughes, Zachariah J.
Zimmerman, Hailey F. Manns, River A.
McFadden, Jamesha R.
Miller, JaKori G.
Miller-Thompson, Jahanna C.
Minzey, Natalie O.
Moore, Taryn A.
Munerlyn, Danielle L.
Noakes, Daleshea M.
Osborn, Shane A.
Owens, Laura C.
Parks, Antonio A.
Pearson, Cheyenne C.
Phillips, Austin T.
Pittman, Deja L.
Presswood, Auston F.
Quinn, Amber R.
Savage, Natori L.
Silas, Kenneth E. II
Simpson, Chaz G.
Simpson, Ivrie S.
Sylvester, Ebony A.
Thomas, Treyvion A.
Tucker, Lyndan M.
Vinson, Jalen L.
Voelker-Yopp, Samantha J.
Wagner, Sarah J.
Webb, Kenshyra U.
Williams, Aja J.
Williams, Taylor L.
Yambrick, Connor J.
Yang, Cheng C.

Honor Grad Bios

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Christian Aubrey
Christian Aubrey is the son of Gwenlyn and Garrick Aubrey. He was a three year member of the National Honor Society. As a member of NHS he did over twenty hours of volunteer work each semester.

He also was a member of Student Council and was a very active leader in school. Christian won Homecoming Prince in 2014 and is the reigning Homecoming King of the 2016-2017 school year. He has received the Cavalier Academic Award all four years of high school and also was on the Honor Roll each semester. Christian participated in the annual Fashion Show three years in a row and did a scene in the annual Berston Field House performance at Flushing High School this past April. He currently is working at Panera Bread in Flint and plans to intern in business this summer. He will be attending Michigan State University next year and will be majoring in business, focusing on the supply chain management field.

Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown is the daughter of Ricky and Becky Brown. Finishing in the top 20 of her class, Alicia received gold cords for her commencement ceremony.  Alicia received all four Academic Awards for maintaining at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA throughout all four years of high school. She was accepted into the CA Student Leadership Team her junior year. She was also selected to be a part of the 21 Club because of high SAT scores. Before graduating, she was nominated as Rotary Student of the Month by her calculus teacher, Mrs. Thornton. She participated in the Carman-Ainsworth Fashion Show her sophomore and junior year. As a three-year member of the CA Girls Soccer program, she was selected as captain of the Carman-Ainsworth JV Soccer team both her sophomore and junior year, and became a member of the CAVS team her senior year. As a member of the National Honor Society, she participated in several community service events and activities. Over the course of her high school tenure, she has served over 600 hours of community service at Carman-Ainsworth and her church, Kingdom of Heaven Ministries. She will be attending Kettering University this July, where she will be majoring in Industrial Engineering. Her co-op employer will be Nexteer Automotive, located in Saginaw, Michigan.

Caity Cox
Caity Cox is the daughter of Richard Cox (deceased) and Cindy Cox. Throughout high school she has been a part of many extracurricular activities including: bowling, HOSA, NHS, MJMA League, WMJG Tour, and USBC Youth member. She was a four-year varsity girls bowling member finishing this season with Saginaw Valley All Conference first team, All State Academic team, and All State 3rd team. Outside of high school bowling she was named Michigan State Teen Masters Champion and selected for the Flint Invitational team. She was a 3-year HOSA member and public relations officer this year. She was a 2-year NHS member. This fall she will be attending Clarke University on an 80% scholarship along with others such as the Dort Federal Scholarship. She will be majoring in psychology and bowling for the girls team.

Bailey Curtis
Bailey Curtis graduated with a 3.996 GPA and will be attending the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in the fall. She plans to major in Biomedical Engineering at the College of Engineering. She participated in two varsity sports for four year and was captain of both Cross Country and Track senior year. She was an involved member of HOSA her senior year by participating in regionals and in other club activities.

Garrett Ebert
Garrett Ebert is the son of Brian and Julie Ebert. He was a member of the Varsity Football team for two years earning the Saginaw Valley All Academic Award both seasons. He also was a member of the Track and Field team for two years as he competed in Shot Put. Garrett was Genesee County Rotary Student of the Month in February 2017; was recognized by the C-A Board of Education in March; and will be attending Central Michigan University in the fall on an Academic Prestige Scholarship along with the Maroon and Gold Scholarship. He plans on majoring in Business Management with an emphasis on Accounting.

Isabelle Hynan
Isabelle Hynan is the daughter of Mark and Julie Hynan. She was Vice President of student council for three years, a two year member of the National Honor Society, and the President of Band Council. She participated and received high scores at Solo and Ensemble and was drum major for the Blue Brigade Marching Band for three years during her five year membership. Isabelle played lacrosse for three years, serving as the captain for one, swam on the varsity swim team for two years, and pole vaulted in her senior year. She also earned the Saginaw Valley All Academic Team for lacrosse and swimming. Isabelle will be attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and plans to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps upon graduation. 

Hamza Jafari
Hamza Jafari is the son of Dr. Jehad and Tharaa Jafari. He was a member of many organizations, some of which were the Muslim Student Association, National Honor Society, and Health Occupations Students of America. Throughout high school, he has accumulated over 300 hours of service in many venues ranging from being a leader in the Boy Scouts of America to tutoring. Hamza plans on attending the University of Michigan and majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience.

Justin King
Justin King is the son of Tony and Beverly King. He has played Varsity Basketball and Baseball for Carman-Ainsworth and was a key part of those teams each year. Justin has been a member of Student Council since his freshman year and a member National Honor Society from 2012 to 2017. He has a 3.917 cumulative GPA and is currently ranked 9th in his graduating class. In addition to volunteering in various areas of the Carman-Ainsworth community, Justin also helps out at local elementary schools, the Flint Public Library, and is enrolled in the Accelerated Graduation Opportunity program. Justin plans to major in Business Administration and will be attending the University of Michigan this upcoming fall.

Nitiyaja Kumar
Nitiyaja Kumar is the daughter of Venkateswari Kumar and Muthukumar Chellaiah. Throughout all of high school she was a proud member of NHS, EFA, Student Council and she was also treasurer of HOSA e-board. Having been awarded the Jean Fairfax Scholarship, she will attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to pursue a career in medicine.

Alexis Lowe
Alexis Lowe is the daughter of John and Heidi Lowe. She was a member of EFA, HOSA, and NHS for two years. She was a part of Student Council for four years, two of which she was class secretary. Senior year she was the Executive Board Secretary and was given the Exemplary Student Award for her dedication to the council. Alexis played lacrosse for one year where she was awarded a Varsity Letter and an Individual Academic award. During her senior year, Alexis played golf and earned a Varsity Letter, the Coach’s Award, and the Saginaw Valley All Academic Team award. Alexis will be attending the Oakland University Honors College in the fall of 2017 to major in Biology or Nursing.

D'Mya Mason
D’Mya Mason is the daughter of Shurkela Mason. She was a member of the cross country team her last three years of high school, the JV tennis team freshmen year, and the varsity tennis team her last 3 years of high school. She was team captain of her tennis teams freshmen and senior years. D’Mya graduated in the top 10 of her class. She plans to attend Saginaw Valley State University in the fall of 2017 to study psychology in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Chelsea Pearson
Chelsea Pearson is the daughter of Mattie and Channing Pearson. She participated in many clubs. She was vice president of the African American Student Association. She was also a representative in Student Council and in National Honor Society. She was also a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team since freshman year. Chelsea also participated in the U of M – Flint CEO program since she was in middle school and received a full ride to the college. She plans to major in some sort of engineering and minor in business management. She will be attending the University of Michigan – Flint.

Deja Pittman
Deja Pittman is the daughter of Q.B. and Cheryl Pittman. During her time at Carman-Ainsworth she served on the executive board as treasurer for the National Honor Society. She maintained a steady position on the honor roll, even as she balanced involvement in student council as a representative for the senior class, Future Health Professionals (HOSA), student leadership club, and varsity cheer leading. In the fall, she will attend Michigan State University with a pre-med major. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she plans on attending medical school to pursue a career as a family practice physician.

Brelanee Richard
Bre’Lanee Richard is the daughter of Giovanna Adams and Cherrick Richard. As a three-year varsity lacrosse player, she received honorable mention in defense for girls lacrosse for the Saginaw Valley Conference during 2015and 2016. The Lacrosse team was an All Academic Lacrosse team during 2016. As a three-year member of African-American Student Association (AASA), she held the office of secretary. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council, holding the offices of representative and executive board historian. She will be attending Michigan State University in the fall of 2017 to major in social work.

Mi'Toya Scott
Mi’Toya Scott is the daughter of Deloris Scott and Michael James. She served as the senior class vice president of student council and was also a member of the National Honor Society (NHS) and Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). She was recognized in the top 50 GPA all four years of high school. She was also a varsity cheerleader. She has received a full paid tuition scholarship to Jackson State University of Jackson, Mississippi, along with other scholarships as well. She will attend there in the fall of 2017.

Leticia Silva
Leticia Silva is the daughter of Mark and Jacqueline Silva. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Empathy For All, secretary of Health Occupations Students of America, honorary representative of Student Council, and the president of Students for Christ. She was dually enrolled with the University of Michigan – Flint. She was the Genesee Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month for April. She was also awarded with the Best of the Best Career Technical Education Student of the Year award. She graduated with 23 college credits from her multiple AP classes and dual enrollment. She was on the JV cheer leading team, JV softball team, and Varsity swimming. She is attending the University of Michigan – Flint this fall. She plans to have a career being a forensic nurse.

Alexia Thompson
Alexia Thompson is the daughter of Anita Abrams and Andre Thompson. She has been a member of the National Honor Society for two years and has enjoyed the process more and more each year. Also being a part of Health Occupational Students of America for two years, she had a lot of fun and is grateful for that experience. She was a two-year Student Council member; junior year as an honorary member and senior year as president of her class. She is very proud to have represented her class in such a way. Alexia has maintained a 3.8 or higher GPA all four years of high school and has received academic recognition for each. In the fall, she plans to attend the University of Michigan – Flint and pursue a degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

Olivia Van Duyne
Olivia Van Duyne is the daughter of Ann Marie Van Duyne and Alex Van Duyne. She was an active member of student council and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), placing first at the HOSA regional competition with her group. As a member of the National Honor Society she served as junior representative and president her senior year. Olivia earned her four year varsity letter for swimming as well as the status of Saginaw Valley All Academic Team member. She was the school Poetry Out Loud champion and state competitor for the past three years. Olivia also danced at the Flint School of Performing Arts for fifteen years and was a member of the Flint Youth Ballet. She received the Jean Fairfax scholarship from the University of Michigan, the Carman Cougar Volunteer Leadership scholarship, and was a finalist in the Daughters of the American Revolution scholarship essay contest. She will be attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s School of Kinesiology to study movement science.

Arianna Vantine
Arianna Vantine is the daughter of Heidi Lewicki and Robert Schultz Jr. Arianna’s activities in high school included four years in symphony band as first chair oboe, marching band playing the saxophone, volleyball, varsity cross country, four years in varsity soccer as their goal keeper and a captain for three years, and member of HOSA. Arianna will be attending Michigan State University in the fall to study Veterinary Medicine.

Tiffany Whittington
Tiffany Whittington is the daughter of Pamela and Dupre Whittington. She has been a part of Carman-Ainsworth competitive and sideline cheerleading teams for the past four years, her last year being on varsity. She has participated in various groups throughout high school including cheer, theatre, and orchestra. During high school Tiffany made it a priority to achieve the best academically. She will graduate with over twenty college credits that will hopefully transfer to MSU where she will attend to further her education in the fall. She is currently undecided about a major, but hopes to become a well-respected lawyer.

As of press time no information had been received from Jina Bhagat, Eleanor Dollinger, Jimese Gill, or Afra Kamal.

Jina Bhagat
Eleanor Dollinger
Jimese Gill
Afra Kamal

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