Monthly Archives: December 2012

Michigan’s Lone Wolverine Touring the State

Michigan’s “lone” wolverine will tour the state in a traveling exhibit created by the Michigan Historical Center. Discovered in the thumb area in 2004, the wolverine roamed the Minden City State Game Area until its natural death in 2010. Originally displayed for nearly a year at the Saginaw Bay Visitor Center at the Bay City Recreation Area, the wolverine then went to the Michigan Historical Center where a secure case and exhibit panels were created.

Since early June 2012, the exhibit has traveled to thumb-area venues and will continue throughout the state before settling back in at the Bay City Recreation Area for the winter. The exhibit features taxidermy of the wolverine and information about its time in Michigan, as well as a look at the wolverine in science and in Michigan history. An animal rarely seen in the wild, the wolverine has drawn large, curious crowds at each stop along the tour.

The wolverine will be at Courtland Center Mall in Burton, from January 7 through January 20, 2013.

CAHS Chemistry Students Build Molecular Models

The 11th grade students in Mrs. Roos’ and Mrs. Mossings’ Chemistry course built molecular models of chemical compounds after learning about Lewis Dot structures and chemical bonding.

Cookies & Cocoa at Dillon

Dillon had a Cookies & Cocoa Title I family night on December 13th. Everyone had a blast!

Mrs. Mossing’s CAHS Biology Class

CAHS students in Mrs. Mossing’s Biology class are reviewing the equation for Photosynthesis using equation note cards.

CAHS Algebra IIA

These 11th Grade students in Mr. Demick’s Algebra IIA course are working on the “Systems of Inequalities” activity, which incorporates logic and algebraic thinking.


Dreidel Games at Dillon

The Dillon Elementary third grade students played the Dreidel game (a Jewish holiday game) with the Kindergarten classes!

CAHS Boys Basketball Beats Northwestern

Business Management & Administration Field Trip to Detroit

On December 7, 2012 students in the Business Management and Administration classes went on a field trip to Detroit. They visited the Ford Rouge plant where students were learned about business manufacturing and how Henry Ford was an exceptional entrepreneur. Students were able to walk around the top of the assembly building and watch trucks actually being assembled. Students then visited the Motown Museum to learn about Barry Gordy and the Motown Empire, how he made 8 houses in Detroit one of the biggest music industries in the US. Students then visited Comerica Park, home of the Tigers. The Marketing manager of the Detroit Tigers came to speak to students about the importance of their education, how marketing is used at Comerica, possible job opportunities and many other great topics. Students were able to go into the visitors dug out and the visitors’ locker room.  Students were able to also sit in the press box while the director of marketing spoke and answered their questions.  We then had dinner at the Hard Rock Café in downtown Detroit. It was a great trip!

Mock Supreme Court at CAHS

Students in Mrs. Standen and Mrs. Smith’s 4th hour Civics class conducting a mock Supreme Court. Students argued actual cases about the constitutionality of 1st Amendment rights.


CAHS AP Biology Class

AP Biology students earlier this year, working on a diversity count with captured insects and stereoscopes!