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CAMS Turkey Trot

Below are photos of the 6th grade Turkey Trot from November 24.  North and West house students and Ms. Pats’ class donated 60 cans of food to the Eastern Food Bank of Michigan and ran around the middle school (about a 1/2 mile).  The first three boys and girls to finish received medals. Good work to all!

Superintendent’s Letter

Parents and Guardians,

We have much to be grateful for, and proud of, as a community again this year. Our students continue to impress me with their efforts in the classroom, through extra curricular accomplishments, and in giving back to the community. A profound example of such commitment to our community is the annual Winterfest program. Again this year, I was amazed by the level of support and community building that this special event invokes (see details below). In the flurry of activity and effort throughout our district, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that our students and staff are truly exceptional.

In our efforts to continuously improve, we have provided a laser-focus on reading instruction throughout our entire district. Just last year, we restructured how we taught reading to our 3rd graders. With the recent release of our M-STEP scores, it would appear that these efforts, along with our strong instruction and interventions in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, had a positive impact on student performance. Collectively across the entire district, Carman-Ainsworth 3rd graders kept pace with the State and surpassed Genesee County averages in reading! Although we have often had individual schools and many, many students exceed the State and County average, this is the first time in over five years that our district average has performed at these levels. Based on the feedback from our 3rd grade teachers and these results, we have implemented similar changes for reading instruction in 4th and 5th grade this year and look forward to the second year of M-STEP testing this spring.

In addition to our primary focus on reading, we are also in our first year of implementing the nationally recognized Project Lead The Way STEM curriculum for all elementary students (Kindergarten-5th Grade) and as elective offerings at our secondary buildings. The feedback has been very positive thus far, with students engaging in hands-on problem solving, teamwork and technology. We fully expect that this new way of engaging students at very early ages in science education, with a hands-on approach, will result in more interest and confidence in science and math, which in turn should help to improve student performance in these critical areas.

To be clear, the expectations for students and staff are higher than ever at Carman-Ainsworth and across our State. The new M-STEP assessment sets a higher level of rigor, along with a new manner of assessing students online. These challenges were new to all students across the State last year and the results indicate that we have work to do at all levels. However, I am encouraged by the commitment to higher expectations as well as the high performance of our youngest students…it is evidence that continued, focused efforts will make a positive difference for all of our children.

As we prepare for Winter Break, on behalf of the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education and our hundreds of employees who serve our community and students each day, I wish all of our families a safe and peaceful Holiday Season.

Steven Tunnicliff, Ph.D.
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools

CAHS Biology Class

Student’s in Mr. Burger’s Biology class learning about the structure of DNA by making models of it.

CAHS Trip To Quicken Loans JA Finance Park in Detroit

Mrs. Holt’s business classes and Mr. Gate’s Accounting classes attended a field trip last week to the Quicken Loans JA Finance Park in Detroit. This is a Junior Achievement program that teaches financial literacy to the students, using real life scenarios. For more information about our business class or accounting class, please come and see us at CAHS, Room 206.

Quicken Loans JA Finance Park is a Junior Achievement program that teaches financial literacy concepts and career exploration opportunities. At the end of the program, students have a one-day budget simulation where they’ll put their knowledge into practice. The result? An understanding of the importance of developing a personal budget, maintaining good credit and recognizing the true cost of financing purchases.


United Methodist Provides Gifts To Dye Elementary

Hope United Methodist Church in Flint Township gave all of our Dye Elementary students a gift. Each child received a scarf, mittens and hat just in time for the colder weather. Starting in April the congregation of Hope United began knitting, crocheting and collecting sets for all 650 students. We are truly grateful for the community outreach.

Dillon’s Title 1 night “Driven to Success”

Dillon’s Title 1 night  “Driven to Success” was a hit. Kids  and parents had a wonderful time. Take a look at the wonderful photo gallery below!

CAHS Honor Roll


3.8 – 4.0 High Honors   *=4.0 3.5 – 3.79  Honors 3.00 – 3.49 W/Honors
Al-Harastani, Masa* Abdel-Hay, Yahya Abernathy Jr., Lamond
Auston, Alana Appling, Tahjanaya Allen-Chapman, Ash’La
Bostwick, Emma* Aseltine, Paige Baker, Tyler
Boyd, Nathaniel Bair, Jordan Batson, Malachi
Cochran, Kenneth Baker, Nicholas Carpenter, Chelsey
Coon, Christopher Bradley, Jaylen Clemons, Aatiyanna
Cox, Madison* Brandon, Elijah Coleman III., Clinton
Crowder, Danielle* Brantley, Kendal Conlen, Ronnie
D’Angelo, Kelly* Braylock, Ke’asia Corder, J’Lynn
Dennie, Justin Burke II, Michael Coulter-Mccorvey, Briana
Dittenber, Allyson* Conway Jr., Leroy Dings, Raven
Dollinger, Dorothy* Counelis, Nicholas Edwards, Sasha
Dudley, Jeremiah Cunningham, Sydney Edwards, Jawanza
Edwards, Jaz Daniels, Tiyanna Elerson, O’Jore
Forshee Jr., Robert Duncan, Aleah Fields, Raynesha
Galal, Sahar* Dunigan, Daij’a Fowlkes, Diamond
Gleason, Alanna* Fielder III.,, Marc Gibson, Jayla
Golden-Towner, Diamond Goulbourne, Ira Giles, A-Tima
Hachem, Farah Hicks, DeQuandre Golston, Takyla
Harris, Jayla Hilton-Vaughn, Dai’von Hamlin, Bre’asia
Hayes, Brandon Howell, Yasmin Harris, De’ashia
Heit, Danielle* Jackson, Joshua Hatter, Sterling
Hicks, DeAndre* Jackson, Malik Hawkins, Tachyla
Holder, Korey Johnson, Jennica Hernandez, Regina
Jackson, Elizabeth* Kassel, David Hicks, Che’Anne
Jarnigin, Taylor* League, Madysen Hill, Dymond
Jerome, Austin Little-Hyatt, Shikiary Jones Jr.,, Derek
Johnson, Emily* McGruder, Trinity Khoulani, Belal
Kassel, Dahlia* McNeal, Brittney Lee-Chambers, Eriona
Khan, Rida* Miller, Clordy Maynie, Armani
Kile, Dravin* Molloseau, Ryan Maynie, Armani
King, Allison* Perkins, Mashya McNeal, Chyna
Latchaw, Chelsea* Poe, Tiara Montgomery, Shannon
Lewis, Jalen Schlosser, Dominic Moye, Asia
Link, Madison Stableford, Gunnar Napier, Lameca
Macko, Raymond* Standish, Jacob Parker, Michael
Macko, Ryan* Verdun-Jennings, Chaunjon’a Perry, Tyler
Maguffee, Cameron* Vineyard, Tracey Rice, Raviana
McClellan, Mercedes Virgo, Shelby Smith, Jermey
McGuire, Brianna* Williams, Harmany Stallings, Jamia
Menard, Alexis Williams, Ta’sheena Whitfield, Princess
Mockerman, Gabriel Willis Jr., Juwan Williams, Jalen
Neilson, Alyssa Wright, Jordan Woods, Diamond
Norris IV, William* Young, Alice
Nunn, Jordan
Perkins, Tiara
Perkins, Xaivier
Pincomb, Quinton
Pompey, Rochelle*
Richardson, Randi*
Shukairy, Uthman
Speaks, Megan*
Thurston, Sarah
Vanderhyde, Noah*
Walker, Sierra
Watson, Tiara
White, Ariana*
Wilson, Jayla
Young, Isaac
Young, Victoria*


3.8– 4.0 High Honor *4.0 student 3.50 – 3.79 Honors 3.00 – 3.49 W/Honors
Ahmad, Huma* Barron, Trent Adams-Spillers, Jeremiah
Albright, Aniyah Brown, Ariyana Alfaro, Anna
Auston, Audra Cook, William Ancira, Masen
Bachmeier, Jordan* Doty, Molly Arnold, Jamie
Blake, Bobby Finney, Britnee Bacchus, Mariah
Boggan, Laila Fletcher, Michael Bailey, Cameren
Bowie, Kelly* Gillard, Kierra Barry Jr., Cedric
Boyd, Brendan Harris-Salaam, Katai Bell, Cieara
Boyd, Niah Hill, Wallace Bonner, Precious
Bradshaw, India Howard, Stephon Booth, Trevor
Brantley, Rayven* Hudson-Stillwell, A’Nya Brown Jr., Antonio
Bridgett, Brittani* Ingram, Zarria Cadarette, Aaron
Caldwell, Jasia Johnson, Destiny Collins, Alexis
Dittenber, Joseph* Jones, Tamiria David, Christopher
Dollinger, Mary* Leach, Rayanne Dixon, Payton
Ebert, Isaiah* Lindley II, D’wan Elbert III., Ronnie
Farhan, Mohamed Moye, Taleah Engman, Skilar
Fletcher, Falon* Noakes, Torri Fisher, Alayna
Ghannoum, Batoul* Palmer, Myracle Foster, MeMe
Ghoseyni, Khalil* Peterson, Dakota Franklin, Karimah
Gleason, Garrett* Phillips, Karissa Gatica, Santos
Hachem, Hassan Smith, Amoz Ghoseyni, Sameya
Hall, Mikaya* Smith, Tyne Glaser, John
Harmon, Aniya Stone, Noelle Gonzalez, Robert
House III, Harold Strong, Trenton Gordon, Josiah
Hughes, Alexis* Sweney, Samantha Hachem, Zeinab
Jerome, Sean* Talarico, Vanessa Haley, Je’tia
Johnson, Shamya Velez, Madalena Hamlett, Daslynn
Karbowski, John* Warren, Coriona Harrison, Areyana
Kile, Shelby Wells, Alawnah Hinton, Rafeal
King, Karyn* Weston, Charneice Hintz, Madison
Lenoir, Anjewel Williams, Aarynn Hunter, Rehaad
Lewis, Malik Williams, Alexander Hunt-Rapp, Kayla
Loomis, Sarah Williams, Andre Jubenville, Kelly
Maroof, Raef* Lake, Monyea
McGuire II., Andrew Lester, Destinee
McIntire, Jenna May, Corban
Milow, Alana* Morris, Olliesha
Nagy, Anthony Morris, Shalynn
Newsom, Derek* Morris, Terra
Olivier, Jada* Morrison, Cameron
Osborn, Stephanie* Palmateer, Brooklyn
Parker II., Micah Perry, Chelsea
Redmond, Ania Powell, Myckal
Reno, Alexis Romero, Rojer
Shann, Kloelyn Rowsey, Arlana
Smith, Arianna Rutherford, Ahamad
Smith, Autumn Smith, Aniyah
Thurston, Hannah Smith, Clayton
Welsh, Janiya Spiller, Essiana
Young, Eli* Strother, Destiny
Young, Zachary Taylor III., Tommy
Villarreal, Aurora
Whalen, Cody
Wheeler Jr., Joseph
Willis, Tyler
Yager, Joshua


3.80 – 4.0 High Honors *4.0 student 3.50 – 3.79 Honors 3.00 – 3.49 W/Honors
Bell, Karla* Abron, Andre’naya Adams, Genora
Black, Jada* Aldroubi, Fatema Bailey, Diamond
Bowers, Alyla Alhariri, Etalal Bogan, Jasmin
Bowie, Kaitlyn* Avery II., Timothy Brewer, Zachary
Boyd, Chante’* Banks Hearst, Arriyana Brooks, Marshall
Brooks, Mykala Bavier, Ethan Brophy, Tyler
Carroll, Maxwell* BeCoats, Justin Brown, Jalyn
Conner, Makai* Brown, Ashton Burgess, Hannah
Cook, Natalie* Calhoun, Bless Byrd, Makhia
Dang, Evangelina* Carter, Jontae’ Caldwell, Ju’Juan
Davis, Raigan Cooper, Malaysha Campbell, Amaya
Ebarb, Christina Davis, Destiny Collins, Arron
Fogarsi, Ciera* Dyke, Curtis Cunningham, Mackenzie
Gillespie, Rachel Earley, Nakiya Doby, Tyarika
Hafez, Zainab Elbert, Nia Douglas, Deo’shanique
Harrison, Tayler Freeney, Christian Doyle, Brittanie
Holland, Aleysha Friend, Naijha Duncan, Omari
Holland, Autumn Fryer, Ta’mya Edwards-Morgan, Kovu
Jefferson, Morgan Grimes, Charity Ellison, Lauryn
King, Danielle* Gross, Erin Fisher, Donzell
Koegel, Carson* Heaton, Connor Golden, Crystal
Kuczera, Rachel Hood, Niajah Goulbourne, Kendre’
Lawrence, Taylor* Howell, Sophia Hall III., Charles
Lewis, Ja’kavien Humphrey, Jalayah Hogan, Kennedy
Locke, Jacob Johnson, LaTisha Holder, Jamison
McClellan Jr., Michael* Kiras, Tabitha Horton, Miangel
McGilvery, Kate* Lara, Sierra Houston, Jamarreyon
McGruder, Khalia Lewis, Mikaya Jefferies, Tiara
Mills, Courtney Maguffee, Shaelyn Johnson, Ayanna
Moore, Macie Malone, Jeanetta Jones, Tegwen
Morgan, Alexis* Matusik, Chase Kavula, Amber
Parker, Mariah McAfee, Logan Kunkle, William
Pelky, Ariel McCulley, Moni’echa Kurmas, April
Phillips, Alexandria McDaniels, Makayla Lawson, William
Sherrer, Morgan* Mixon, Aleah Locke, Jasmine
Shukairy, Nisreen* Osborn, Shayne McBride, Mya
Southward, Shai’tara* Powell III, Roosevelt McClain, Brandon
Speaks, Katie Scott, Crystal Payne, Ivan
Speights, Byzjon Shippy, Chance Phinisee, Latece
Stephens, Andrew Woolard, Nicole Polzin, Christopher
Thompson, Variya* Rytlewski, Kaden
Tipton-Thomas, Mizahnyi Sabourin, Hannah
Wafiy, Jayyid* Sanders, China
White, Jacob Sheely, Yazmine
Williams, Erykah Shipley, Quinton
Woods, Krystal Sims, Tanea
Yost, Jacob* Smith, Briaja
Young, Brittany Smoots-Hoyle, Cherry
Young, Marianna Taylor, Brian
Thompson, Naseem
Williams, Lenitta
Williams, Nataevion
Wright, Alida
Yearby, Kya
Zokari, Hanin


3.80 – 4.0 High Honors *4.0 student 3.50 – 3.79 Honors 3.00 – 3.49 W/Honors
Ahmed-Ghani, Izza* Abdel-Hay, Yazeed Adams-Marshall, Destinee
Andrews, Montanna Andrew, Amanda Allen, Ariyan
Aubrey, Christian Arterberrie, Mary Alwageeh, Nafiaa
Bakr, Larza Atkins, Madison Amthor, Zachariah
Bates, Kailynn* Bissonette, Lauryn Avery, Kawana
Bhagat, Jina* Boose, Dereka Bennett, Javon
Bragg, Kendall Boose Jr., MacDaniel Blount, Tamera
Brown, Alicia* Bradley, Theodore Bolf, Seth
Card, Tiffany Brooks, Ta’Jai Brewer-Sanders, Shaneka
Clayton, Sameika* Chapman, Shamiya Buckley, Zeontre’
Crater, Shon’Tageah Cooper, Imani Burnett, Chae’
Curtis, Bailey* Cox, Caity Burrell, Ella
Dollinger, Eleanor* Daniels, Taliyha Byrd II., Montraee
Ebert, Garrett* Davis, Teaira Clark, Allison
Fowlkes, Alaysia DePew, Laura Clark, Paris
Gagnon, Aaron Edelen, A’Vion Clay Jr., Ahmard
Gill, Jimese Epps, Brandon Clifton, Angel
Hornaday, Dana Evans, Ashley Cochran, Justice
Hubbard, Kaitlyn* Fiewig, Spencer Cozart, Jazmine
Hynan, Isabelle* Franklin, Keith Dixon, James
Jafari, Hamza Gamble, Hilton Dombrowski, Joshua
Johnson, Shakara Garcia, Haley Duboise, Donnie’
King, Justin Gilbert, Travis Dunlap, Drew
Kumar, Nitiyaja* Greer, Zachary Evans, Romeo
Laury, Leeona Grimm, Malissa Fairhurst, Chesley
Legardye, Maiya Hall, Destiny Fell, Caitlyn
Lowe, Alexis Hicks, Shakeelah Ford, Janay
Mason, D’Mya Key, Shayonna Franklin, Khali
Moore, Shaniah* Lawrence, Bryanna Green, Lauryn
O’Neil, Karisma Love, Giahanna Green, Samantha
Pearson, Chelsea McCarty-Berry, Jordan Green, Trent
Phillips, Austin Miller, Victoria Greene III., Kevin
Pittman, Deja Miller-Thompson, Jahanna Hamilton, Grayden
Richard, Bre’lanee Minzey, Natalie Harris, Cashae
Riggs, D’Ario Moore, Ayana Haygood, En’Dea
Savage, Natori Moore, Taryn Hill, Amari
Scott, Mitoya* Noakes, Daleshea Holloman, Marques
Scrase, Kylie Owens, Laura Houston, Porshe
Silva, Leticia Palmer, Zahria Johnson-Chapman, A’Teonna
Simpson, Ivrie Pangerl, Wyatt Kincaid, Keziah
Smith, Tyona Pearson, Chelsea Latchaw, Wesleyanne
Thompson, Alexia Pepitone, Megan Laury, Leaira
VanDuyne, Olivia* Presswood, Auston Lewis, Earnest
Ritchie, Alexis Liquia, Jontrai
Shahid, Nijel Madison, T’Onia
Shipley, Hunter Maness, Lane
Simon, Sharelle Martin, Jalon
Streeter, Syera Miller, JaKori
Taylor, Alexis Miller, Rhaenin
Tomkinson, Justin Morris, Samuel
Vanderson, Christopher Nelson, Ammealeo
Vantine, Arianna Osborn, Shane
Wagner, Sarah Parks, Antonio
Wesley, Jaylin Pearson II., Channing
Whittington, Tiffany Rhinebolt, Nathan
Winfrey II., Xavier Rodgers-Daniels, Jayla
Woolard, Miranda Roland III, Ronald
Yambrick, Connor Scales, Briana
Scales, Takeyia
Shackelford, Nyrrah
Shoffer, Lucas
Silas II, Kenneth
Simpson, Chaz
Strodder, Alexus
Taylor, My’Kayla
Thabet, Khaled
Thomas, Treyvion
Thompson, Kye
Todd, Carter
Travis, Hunter
Vinson, Jalen
Webb, Kenshyra
White, Jamik
Williams, Christian D.
Williams, Taylor
Wilson, Daquarius

CAMS Honor Roll (2nd Marking Period)

6th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Allen, Leah R. Belton, Yaszmen M. Alexander, Mya R.
Baxter, Ashanti K.* Brown, Kendall A. Balentine, Reagan N.
Beavers, Waymond M. Brown, Kevonna N. Bowers, Le’anders A.
Betancourt, Kennedy C.* Brown, Sha’Toya J. Bradshaw, Samyria D.
Bright, Madison C.* Cocherell, Hillary N. Byrd, Dylan W.
Brown, Allison K.* Crane, Kaleb J. Caldwell, Angel M.
Buck, Ashlyn N.* Cruz, Romeo Jr Carpenter, Gavin M.
Burns, Britney E. Ellison, Mehki T. Chandonnet, Michael C.
Caballero, Camillia B. Garrison, Luke R. Choate, Linzey L.
Cook, Vincent C.* Gentz, Christine M. Colter, Deven M.
Crawley, Nicholas A.* Groves, Natalie M. Combs, Leeaigh M.
Dobbins, Sierrah M.* Hawkins, Shakylah R. Compaore, Anthony H.
Edwards, Malaki D.* Horton, Precious A. Contreras, Alize D.
Forgette, Jesse A. Jackson, Danielle J. Daunt, Emma N.
Gasser, Amelia C.* Jacobs, Austin W. Day, Jakayla M.
Ghannoum, Noran Laffrey, Dominique R. Dones, Jenesis J.
Green, Hudson D. II* Marzette, Zanaya S. Ellison, Olivia M.
Halbedel, Triniti M.* Myott, Hayley R. Fragoso, Adrien D.
Hamilton, Myli I. Nelson, Kaneesa M. Freeman, Makayla R.
Henderson, Christopher J. Odom, Mariah K. Grosinsky, Rain L.
Jones, Cynai C. Ornelas, Brandon E. Humphrey, Jasmin A.
Kamien, Ariyanna N. Palmer, Alysea K. Jackson, Madison R.
Kingsbury, Melissa D.* Patsey, Mariah N. Johnson, Aleiya C.
Lasley, Ethan W.* Pearson, Dylan B. Johnson, Damarion D.
Martin, Clalexis M. Routt, Micah W. Jones, Janareon K.
Mattson, Noah T. Scobey, Mason W. Key, Ky’Mariona S.
Milow, Alayla K. Spell, Brianna N. Khirfan, Amr M.
Minzey, Lydia E.* Taylor, Ta’Shala B. McMinn-Peterson, Gabriel H.
Moore, Kennedy A.* Thiam, Aida Moore, Julius L.
Mosley, Marcus D. II Thorpe, Emma M. Motley, Kameron E.
Oosterhof, Parker A.* Walker, Yasmine S. Munn, Arianna J.
Oswald, Diamond Williams, Davontae O. Nelson, Ja’Karra P.
Page, Miorioko N.* Willis, Jacobe I. Nicolaou, Nicos S.
Phinisee, Ma’Kayla N. Willis, Salena R. Odom, Reina C.
Raquepaw, Emily R. Wine, Aubrie A. O’Neal, Dre’ana C.
Shamly, Sanet B.* Ormond, Timothy O. II
Smith-Daniels, Alexis M. Osborn, Zachary X.
Sullivan, Amia M. Payne, Jaspernaya B.
Thomas, Zion A. Reno, Gabrielle M.
Travis, Emma F. Richard, La’Onna C.
Treiger, Aaron D.* Smith, Aireona A.
Vanderhyde, Ainsley N.* Smith, Amari M.
Weathers, Andre L. Jr Smith, Katricia B.
Wickham, Alexander G.* Smith, Khomani D.
Wilson, Naomi L. Smith, Ty N.
Wirgau, Dashaun J. Smoots, Kaleigh N.
Wright, Kenneth D. Tedford, Shanyia N.
Wright, Khyonna S. Townsend, Zariyah A.
Wright, Morgan M. Wagner, Kaylynn C.
Yax, Paige D. Walker, Isis D.
Welch, Anajy N.
Williams, Jovaun D.
Wirebaugh, Cody J.
Wohlford, Matthew M. II
Young, Cierra S.
Zhao, Steven

7th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Je’niyriah A. Anderson, Cleon D. Jr Adams, Mauriana S.
Allen, Rachel G. Billingsley, JaHeem E. Ahmed, Raihana A.
Betts, A’Miya E.* Black, Andrew K. Armstrong, Alexis P.
Bhagat, Abhi J. Boyd, Makayla L. Bain, Bri’Asia E.
Bishop, Melvin A.* Brame, Zakaria N. Bexton, Samantha M.
Bostwick, Darwin D. Chapman, Chy’Tazia M. Bradford-Walker, Priscilla L.
Bowers, Bianca C.* Coleman, Logan A. Branch, Annitre’ M.
Callaway, Aniya L.* Conlen, Jaden M. Brown, Sequoia S.
Carpenter, Jesse O. Jr Davis-Gaines, Aniyah M. Brumley, Jordyn N.
Davis, Lakyra J. Durrett-Gipson, Amorianah Clark, Emma J.
Ellison, Aaliyah K. Elsafadi, Cham Cohoon, Allison M.
Fox, Alexis P. Forster, Brianna N. Copeny, Braylon M.
Freeney, Aiden D. Gray, Julius K. Cross, Morgan J.
Ghannoum, Byain* Harvey, Lauren K. Cunningham, Catie E.
Gibson, Orlando J. Merriwether, Landon E. Curtis, Ryan D.
Glasstetter, Gavin L.* Mosley, J’Mani R. Davis, Darnell A.
Goodman, Alexis B. Noakes, Demetrius D. Jr Day, Dayshana M.
Hamilton, Sa’Rah A. Nunn, Jayden S. Edgar, Leah M.
Harris, Ethan M. O’Connor, Lili R. Fields, Alonna N.
Holder, Samya R. Palmateer, Victoria H. Graham, Mariya A.
Ishmael, Andrew R. Palmer, Weston L. Green, Jason W. Jr
Kumar, Anisha R.* Petty, Jacob C. Harris, Bobbie K.
Lewis, Alivia R. Raymond, Ethan M. Harris, Ny’Onia T.
McIntosh, Caran C.* Rogers, Jason S. II Harvey, Johathan C.
Miller, Clyde D. Jr Shirley-Knox, Cameron M. Holbrook, Kayli M.
Palmateer, Alexandria G. Smith, Jurni L. Horne, Rashad D. Jr
Palmer, Sarah E. Southward, David Jr Hoyle, Dyemesheann K.
Pearson, Harley R.* Speer, Taryn A. Irwin, Anthony J.
Pelky, Abbigail J.* Tedford, Kyla K. Jamison, Amia S.
Reed, Diamond D. Terrell, Kelise M. Laqrabti, Kayden H.
Richmond, Yilaina D. Thoune, Izabella R. LeGrande, Nevaeh R.
Roe, Sarah K.* Tunstall, Isaiah H. Long, Miyasia L.
Rose, Caleb J.* Walker, Anyllah M. Malloy, Jalil O.
Shaw, Anastasia A. Walls, David D. McNeal, Dalero D.
Simmons, Jackson M.* Willingham, Tacyra C. McSwain, Amiliyah R.
Simpson, Desire’ S.* Miller, Karis I.
Snow-Cooper, Chudeah A. Miller, Xavier D.
Stevens, Darchell J. Miller-Thompson, Jasean W.
Thomas, Charli S.* Muhammad, Taim Allah
Tomlin, Kalayia J. Ochodnicky, Skye M.
West, Ava J. Perez-Reed, Michael A.
Young, Christa A. Perkins, Kenneth D. Jr
Pointer, Angelique L.
Read, William C.
Reed, Jasmine P.
Saavedra, Jasmine N.
Sanders-White, Mi’Angel A.
Schupbach, Hanna C.
Smeltzer, Christian S.
Smith, Alanna J.
Smith, Shun J. II
Sourander, Elijah J.
Taylor, Nathanial J.
Thomas, Nasjeria M.
Thompson, Kishon D.
Thompson, Kylon J.
Tryon, Elijah V.
Urquhart, Curtisa L.
Watson, Estela M.
Wright, Iyana T.
Young, Camariyah R.
Zaki, Mohammad A.

8th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Ashburn, Da’Miya D. Aaron, Jessiana K. Anderson, Jessica S.
Bailey, Caleb P. Allen, Sunshine A. Ashford-Thomas, DeQuairea M.
Beavers, Alexandria N. Bridgett, Jordan A. Atou, Nella
Bradley, Victoria P. Brown, Ashley D. Bacon, Haley N.
Brassaw, Logan M. Bryant, Me’Aira M. Betancourt, Alexxis L.
Brown, Savannah M. Chambers-Johnson, Taylor J. Blasdell, Elliana V.
Brown-Banks, Kanina T. Clark, Areyanna L. Blond, Imari S.
Carroll, Emily N.* Cooper, Serenity R. Boyd, Mon’yae K.
Carter, Jack R.* Cunningham, Jajuan L. Jr Bradford, John A.
Chaney, Nkya D. Flourney, Taliyah L. Bradford, Shadamia S.
Compaore, Teshan M. Godard, Shaniya L. Bradley, Zackary T.
Counts, Aniya A. Grear, Sataria A. Brown, Quinton C.
Daly, Brooklyn R. Green, Alex B. Burns, Ashleigh N.
Dexter, India I.* Haley, E’Onia F. Canady, Anaishia D.
Earley, Adrianna N. Hamlin, Daylin N. Caurthers, Aniya T.
Fletcher, Dustin A. Harris, Angalique M. Chapman, Kodee M.
Foster, Shayla M. Harris, Roshia D. II Choate, Hayle M.
Gagnon, Ian W. Herrick, Ashton R. Coleman, Da’Von T.
Garrison, Alivia M. Hodge, Caleb W. Daly, Bryce C.
Gramse, Lawrence L. Jr Holder, Carte’a D. Davis, Angela M.
Groves, Marcus J.* Jackson, Ayeishah S. Findlay, Tyler B.
Harris, Alexis R.* Jackson, Aymarri G. Frank, Elizabeth J.
Hitchcock, Michaela L. Jackson, Joshua I. Fryer, Kailee E.
Holbrook, Mikaiah P. Jenkins, Sunai M. Garner, Ronia J.
Holbrook, Mikayla R. Johnson, Anaiya J. Gerace, Donovan C.
Hynan, Elizabeth A.* Johnson, Charles P. Jr Giles, Serenity M.
Ingram, Jerianne M. Johnson, Cody X. Green, Dallas M.
Jefferies, Tanya A. Jourdan, Shayla S. Grimsley, Kyah N.
Jones, Nicole A.* Keyes, Halei G. Hahn, Edward J.
Kemp, Jasiri V. Keys, Jasmine A. Hall, Cladonta C.
King, Eeshyia a. Kirby, Jamaal D. Holmes, Latrelle W. III
Koegel, Cameron D.* Lewis, Arie M. Hopson, Aarika L.
Kumar, Brijesh* Martin, Jordan A. Isaacson, Tessa R.
Langston Fielder, Senia R. Matteson, Jada A. Jamison, Kamia C.
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