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Late Start Wednesdays

Why Late Start Wednesdays?

Quality teachers are the single greatest determinant of student achievement. Knowing subject matter, understanding how students learn, and practicing effective teaching methods translate into greater support for students. The state of Michigan requires that districts provide at least 30 hours of teacher learning time every year.

To this end, Carman-Ainsworth believes it has a responsibility for ensuring that our teachers are skilled in what they teach and how they teach. Research indicates that the best way to accomplish this is to provide teachers with time to learn during their workday. Late Start Wednesdays provide time for teacher teams to review students tests, examine student work, analyze test data, develop and refine curriculum, and write assessments.

Sign up for C-A Community Education Before School Program 2016-2017. Open to ALL K-5th grade students. Students will report to the gym every Wednesday unless otherwise instructed.

This program opens at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 9:45 a.m. This program is FREE to all students. It is a fun filled program with choices of activities for your children. Each week children will be able to choose from organized gym games, computers, board games or homework help/reading. Parent must transport student — no transportation for this program.

Registration forms are available in building main offices. Return forms to the building main offices when they are complete. Students must pre-register.

Any questions can be directed to 810-591-7238.