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FIRST POWER UP 2018 Game Details

Big MO is excited to share details of the FIRST POWER UP 2018 Game.

FIRST POWER UP finds FIRST Robotics Competition teams trapped in an 8-bit video game. Each three-team alliance has three ways to help defeat the boss: Tipping the scale or the alliance’s switch in their favor to earn points, exchanging power cubes for power ups (force, boost, and levitate) to gain a temporary advantage during the match, and climbing the scale tower to face the boss. The alliance with the highest score at the end of the match, which includes autonomous and teleoperated periods, defeats the boss and wins the game.

At Kickoff, teams were shown the FIRST POWER UP game field and challenge details for the first time, and received the Kickoff Kit from the Kit of Parts, which is made up of motors, batteries, control system components, construction materials, and a mix of additional automation components – with limited instructions.

Working with adult mentors, students have six weeks to design, build, program, and test their robots to meet the season’s engineering challenge. Once these young inventors build a robot, their teams will participate in one or more of the global 158 Regional and District events that measure the effectiveness of each robot, the power of collaboration, and the determination of students.

Watch for details on competitions. As always, you are welcome to check out the team during events. If you would like to learn more about Big MO call 810-591-7525.

State Unveils New Parent Dashboard

Parents now have their own online dashboard that shows the performance of all K-12 public schools in Michigan and represents a new, improved level of transparency, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) announced January 9, 2018.

The Parent Dashboard for School Transparency, available at, is a combined effort of MDE and the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) – based on significant parent feedback on its planning, content, and design.

This Parent Dashboard is an integral component of the state’s Strategic Plan to make Michigan a Top 10 education state in 10 years. It builds on the Strategic Partnership with Parents, Families, and Community Services that encourages and promotes meaningful, authentic engagement with parents and families.

This roll-out marks the first of three phases for the dashboard.

Phase One dashboard indicators or measures, now available, include:

  • State assessment performance
  • State assessment progress
  • Graduation rate
  • Advanced coursework (e.g. Advanced Placement, early middle college, International Baccalaureate (IB), dual enrollment, career/technical education postsecondary enrollment)
  • On-track attendance
  • English Learner progress
  • Assessment participation

Additional Data

  • School
    • Student/staff ratio
    • Student support staff
    • Student transfers
  •  Student
    • Transfers in and out
    • Expulsion rate
    • Dropout rate
    • Attendance rate
    • Graduation rate
    • Dropout rate
    • Postsecondary
      •       Enrollment
      •       Persistence
      •       Completion

Click here to view full press release

Board of Education Vacancies

At the Board of Education Meeting on January 9, 2018, Superintendent Kindle and the Board of Education received formal letters of resignation from the Carman-Ainsworth Community School Board from Mrs. Patrice Hatcher and Ms. Joy Crane, effective January 19, 2018. The Board expressed appreciation for Mrs. Hatcher’s and Ms. Crane’s service as members of our Board of Education and wished them well in their future endeavors.

As a result of the above resignations, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools is seeking qualified and interested candidates who are residents of Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools to fill two Board of Education vacancies. Those persons interested in being considered for the appointments should provide a letter of interest and resume’ by January 19, 2018, 4:00 p.m., to the Superintendent of the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, Administration Building, G-3475 W. Court Street, Flint, Michigan 48532.

Child Nutrition Information

Students need healthy meals to learn. Carman-Ainsworth offers healthy meals every school day. C-A is participating in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) as part of the National School Lunch Program. Under this initiative, one free breakfast and one free lunch will be provided to all enrolled Carman-Ainsworth students at no cost.

A parent household survey MUST be completed for all students. A survey can be obtained in the main office at your child’s building. Please return all surveys to the main office.

You can find the breakfast and lunch menus on our website at and in your child’s school main office.

A parent or student will have the option to put money on the student’s account for a student to purchase a second lunch or ala carte items. Students will not be allowed to charge any secondary lunches or ala carte items.

We are excited about the new program for our families. If you have any questions, please contact the Child Nutrition Department at 810-591-3220 or email

Cookies and Cocoa Night

CAHS Honor Roll


High Honors Honors With Honors
3.8-4.0 3.5-3.799 3.0-3.499
Anderson, A’Naia J. Aldroubi, Fatema Abron, Andre’naya J.
Black, Jada M. Alhariri, Etalal G. Avery, Timothy L. II
Boyd, Chante’ J. * Bailey, Le V. III Ballard, Christopher
Burgess, Hannah G. Bavier, Ethan Q. Banks Hearst, Arriyana E.
Chambers, Keayera R. * Bell, Karla K. Brewer, Zachary R.
Collins, Arron M. Boulden, Alexandre’a P. Brooks, Mykala I.
Cook, Natalie E. * Bowie, Kaitlyn M. Brown, Jalyn K.
Dang, Evangelina B. Carney, Douglas J. Burkett, Nairobi K. Jr
Ebarb, Christina A. * Carroll, Maxwell J. Byrd, Makhia N.
Ellison, Lauryn T. Conway, Ataya K. Cabell, Nya L.
Fogarsi, Ciera J. Davis, Destiny M. Caldwell, Ju’Juan D.
Fryer, Ta’mya K. Davis, Raigan M. Calhoun, Bless J.
Gillespie, Rachel L. * Dent, Jakoby R. Colyer, Liam C.
Guster, David A. Fairbrother, Alexandra R. Cooper, Malaysha M.
Heaton, Connor W. Freeney, Christian A. Doby, Tyarika L.
Hood, Niajah M. Gray, Brittany R. Duncan, Omari L.
Howell, Sophia U. Hafez, Zainab Dyke, Curtis M.
Jackson, Zakara A. Hall, Charles T. III Edwards-Morgan, Kovu K.
Jefferson, Morgan G. * Holland, Aleysha R. Elbert, Nia S.
Koegel, Carson J. * Holland, Autumn T. Foster, Mykayla J.
Kuczera, Rachel S. Houston, Jamarreyon L. Foth, Hanami K.
Lara, Sierra S. * Humphrey, Jalayah D. Fox, Estrella L.
Lawrence, Taylor M. * Jefferies, Tiara M. Friend, Naijha S.
Lewis, Ja’kavien K. Johnson, Jada J. Goulbourne, Kendre’ D.
Locke, Jacob R. Kemp, Shalayna E. Graves, Tony L. JR
Maguffee, Shaelyn R. * King, Danielle S. Green, Jemini R.
McBride, Mya E. Kiras, Tabitha A. Greer, Ashley J.
McClellan, Michael A. Jr * Kunkle, William E. Harrison, Tayler A.
McDaniels, Makayla L. Laury, Taniya M. Hawthorne, Alexus S.
McFadden, Shaunya S. Lewis, Mikaya D. Holder, Jamison A.
McGruder, Khalia A. Locke, Jasmine M. Horton, Miangel L.
Mills, Courtney M. * McGilvery, Kate L. Hubbard, Tyler S.
Mixon, Aleah T. Moore, Macie L. Humphries, Jasmine J.
Morgan, Alexis N. * Pelky, Ariel M. Johnson, Ayanna D.
Parker, Mariah M. * Phillips, Alexandria R. Johnson, Jacobi L.
Reaves, Cameron E. Rheaves, Aleashiaray L. Johnson, Naja N.
Reed-Gonzalez, Zophieia L. Smith, Briaja B. Lawson, William B.
Sherrer, Morgan M. * Smoots-Hoyle, Cherry A. Lott, Destani C.
Shippy, Chance C. Southward, Shai’tara D. Lynn, Dalton M.
Shukairy, Nisreen Thomas, Adam T. Macksood, Margaret S.
Speaks, Katie L. Thomas, Alyssa S. Malone, Jeanetta A.
Stephens, Andrew N. Thompson, Naseem H. March, Austin T.
Tipton-Thomas, Mizahnyi T. * VanKuren, DeLaney N. Mass, Jade D.
Wafiy, Jayyid A. * Yearby, Kya N. Massie, Destiny L.
Williams, Lenitta R. * McCreay, Denise M.
Woods, Krystal M. * McFadden, Charles O.
Yost, Jacob J. * McGee, Thomas L.
Young, Brittany H. McIntosh, Kelsey R.
Young, Marianna M. Miles, Draper L. II
* = 4.0 GPA Morris, Destiny L.
Payne, Ivan J.
Polzin, Christopher D.
Powell, Roosevelt III
Powell, Shamonica J.
Reynero, Victoria E.
Rodgers, Brynna C.
Rousseau, Griffin M.
Scott, Crystal N.
Sheely, Yazmine M.
Smith, Jalen D.
Smith, LaDaijah R.
Speights, Byzjon S.
Thomas, Jaycen D.
Thompson, Devin R.
Thompson, Variya A.
Walker, Zaria R.
Wells, Ashlei R.
White, Jacob D.
Woods, Egypt J.
Wright, Alida M.
Zokari, Hanin F.


High Honors Honors With Honors
3.8-4.0 3.5-3.799 3.0-3.499
Ahmad, Huma M. Albright, Aniyah M. Adams-Spillers, Jeremiah M.
Auston, Audra C. Banks, Janquinese M. Al Hallak, Mohammad Y.
Bachmeier, Jordan D. * Barron, Trent A. Allen, Rose C.
Bowie, Kelly M. Bauswell-Osborn, Quaira H. Anderson, Julia M.
Boyd, Niah C. * Blake, Bobby L. Bailey, Cameren D.
Brantley, Rayven F. * Boyd, Brendan M. Barber, Devin A.
Caldwell, Jasia R. Bradshaw, India R. Bell, Victor D. JR
Combs, Alanna A. Broome, Randall E. II Billingsley, Erica B.
Dollinger, Mary J. Doty, Molly D. Blount, Jakobe’ E.
Ebert, Isaiah Q. Elbert, Ronnie G. III Bobcean, Jamie C.
Fletcher, Falon R. Engman, Skilar R. Brown, Lakyia C.
Ghannoum, Batoul * Farhan, Mohamed J. Browne, En-Dia N.
Ghoseyni, Khalil R. * Foster, MeMe S. Bunch, ArDeija T.
Haley, Je’tia J. Franklin, Karimah A. Canada, Erin S.
Hall, Mikaya K. Ghoseyni, Sameya M. Carter, Aaron R.
Henderson-Herbert, Ke’niya M. Gillard, Kierra I. Collins, Alexis C.
House, Harold D. III * Gleason, Garrett M. Conway, Donnaal C.
Ingram, Zarria G. Harrington, Dwayne O. II Corbin, India J.
Jerome, Sean H. * Harrison, Areyana D. Crayton, Malik D.
Johnson, Shamya L. Hinton, Rafeal D. Croskey, Morgan L.
Kile, Shelby D. Hudson-Stillwell, A’Nya L. Dang, Kenny V.
King, Karyn S. * Hughes, Alexis S. David, Christopher R.
Maroof, Raef S. * Hunt-Rapp, Kayla G. Dittenber, Joseph P.
Milow, Alana R. Jackson, Taliyah C. Dotson, Taya L.
Morris, Shalynn L. Johnson, Destiny D. Duran Raad, De’alaiday R.
Olivier, Jada L. * Keyes, Keshawn M. Fadel, Ahmed T.
Redmond, Ania M. * Lang, Asil L. Finney, Janea C.
Shah, Iman F. Leach, Rayanne A. Garner, Samuel E. Jr
Sharp, Ja’Kaila C. * Lindley, D’wan L. II Gatica, Santos Q.
Wells, Alawnah R. Morris, Terra S. Glaser, John R.
Welsh, Janiya T. * Noakes, Torri X. Gregory, Lakiyah L.
Williams, Aarynn B. * Skaggs, Joshua D. Hamlett, Daslynn M.
Young, Eli A. Smith, Aniyah L. Harris, Sparkle L.
* = 4.0 GPA Sweney, Samantha N. Harvey, Jeremiah S.
Velez, Madalena P. Hawthorne, Amari L.
Weston, Charneice F. Henderson, Myron D. Jr
Wingard, Makiyah M. Hill, Wallace V
Hobson, Jiyana Y.
Hogan, Harrison J.
Howard, Stephon M.
Jefferson, Maya C.
Jones, Kendraysha T.
Jones, Tamiria Y.
Karbowski, John T.
King, Terae M. Jr
Lester, Destinee C.
Lester, Diamond J.
Lewis, Malik R.
Linton, Ki’arra D.
McGowan, Tayvon T.
McGuire, Andrew P. II
McIntyre, Dylan S.
Moore, MacKenzie H.
Moye, Taleah J.
Newsom, Derek L.
Noakes, Da’Sharia T.
Palmateer, Brooklyn F.
Parker, Micah L. II
Payne, Kolby M.
Pincomb, Evans G.
Pitts, Chimari A.
Proctor, Kylesia L.
Reed, Alaiha E.
Reed, Ociea Z.
Reno, Alexis R.
Rowsey, Arlana M.
Ryan, Marcelia L.
Sanders, Allysia I.
Shann, Kloelyn R.
Shukairy, Ahmed Z.
Smith, Arianna A.
Smith, Autumn N.
Smith, Colin M.
Spiller, Essiana R.
Stone, Noelle L.
Sweed, Tiffany L.
Taylor, Tommy L. III
Thurston, Hannah L.
Tolbert, DeAvia C.
Villarreal, Aurora A.
Whalen, Cody S.
Williams, Andre M.
Wright, Jordan M.
Young, Zachary W.
Zaid, Mohamed F.


High Honors Honors With Honors
3.8-4.0 3.5-3.799 3.0-3.499
Aaron, Jessiana K. Al-Wajeh, Rowaida N. Alawlaqi, Salloom N.
Abdalla, Omar Arnold, Hannah N. Ashford-Thomas, DeQuairea M.
Ashburn, Da’Miya D. Bailey, Caleb P. Boyd, Mon’yae K.
Ataya, Haneen * Brady, Tyshae A. Brown, Joseph A.
Beavers, Alexandria N. * Brown, Quinton C. Bryant, Me’Aira M.
Blackburn, Eric J. Brown, Savannah M. Caurthers, Aniya T.
Brassaw, Logan M. Burns, Ashleigh N. Combs, Erica J.
Bridges, Ja’Quay A. Chaney, Nkya D. Cooper, Hailie A.
Brown, Ashley D. Clark, Areyanna L. Cooper, Serenity R.
Brown-Banks, Kanina T. Counts, Aniya A. Davidson, Chyyanne P.
Carroll, Emily N. * Cox, Thomas J. Ditmyer, Ronan Q.
Carter, Jack R. * Earley, Adrianna N. DuVal, Vanessa L.
Choate, Hayle M. Fetterman, Noah D. Evans, Matthew X.
Compaore, Teshan M. Gagnon, Ian W. Flourney, Taliyah L.
Cunningham, Jajuan L. Jr Gorton, Sylvia M. Foster, Shayla M.
Davis, Angela M. Hahn, Edward J. Garner, Ronia J.
Dexter, India I. * Herrick, Ashton R. Gerace, Donovan C.
Dollinger, Lily A. Hunter, Donnell L. Jr Green, Dallas M.
Findlay, Tyler B. Jackson, Aymarri G. Hamden, Taya J.
Fletcher, Dustin A. * Jackson, Joshua I. Hamlin, Daylin N.
Frank, Elizabeth J. Johnson, Anaiya J. Hodge, Caleb W.
Garrison, Alivia M. Jourdan, Shayla S. Holbrook, Mikayla R.
Gramse, Lawrence L. Jr Kehoe, Myles D. Holder, Carte’a D.
Grear, Sataria A. * Keyes, Halei G. Hood, Shakerah A.
Green, Alex B. Keys, Jasmine A. Ingram, Jerianne M.
Grimsley, Kyah N. Kumar, Brijesh Jackson, Ayeishah S.
Hachem, Batoul A. Lewis, Arie M. James, Amir D.
Haley, E’Onia F. Maples, Joshua L. Jones, Dylan M.
Harris, Alexis R. McQueen, Aaliyah B. King, Chenelle M.
Holbrook, Mikaiah P. Miller, Mattison M. Kirby, Jamaal D.
Hopson, Aarika L. Mitchell, Kennedy K. Knapp, Zahria D.
Hynan, Elizabeth A. * Osborn, Alicia M. Lackney, Tyler J.
Isaacson, Tessa R. Pettiford, Alexis L. Liggins, Tyrone J.
Jefferies, Tanya A. Proctor, Ja’Naea N. Mance, De’andre T.
Jones, Nicole A. Quinn, Cheva’ L. Jr Martin, Jordan A.
Kemp, Jasiri V. Quinn, Jehne’ S. Matteson, Jada A.
King, Eeshyia A. Ratynski, Nathan J. Pangerl, Grace L.
Kirby, Bridgitte N. Scobey, Riley E. Parker, Marques M.
Koegel, Cameron D. * Stewart, Geonna A. Randall, Aimee M.
Langston Fielder, Senia R. Tartt, Xeryia M. Redd-Daniels, Asya N.
MacDermaid, Nicole E. * Taylor, Jasmine A. Rickert, Isaac W.
Maguffee, Keegan D. Thompson, Shania J. Robbins, Artavia N.
McBride, Joselyn E. * Wajeeh, Ahnaf A. Rutherford, Christine E.
Morgan, Kourtney L. * Walker, Keilen M. Sesma, Arianna K.
Pace, Anaria J. Wilson, Quinesha L. Shields, Renee M.
Pearson, Desiree’ C. * Simpson, Holidae K.
Pompey, Ronnie Jr Smith Sharp, Mercedez M.
Potts, Deandric D. Stallings, Jakia J.
Routt, Matthew G. Sullivan, Cameron H.
Shukairy, Keenan Taylor, Khadai-Khalil A.
Simpson, Montrel D. II Thompson, Drake J.
Sloan, Zia V. Thompson, Keyona M.
Spreng, Michael D. Williams, Ahmad M.
Todd, Alicia A. Williams, Ashari S.
Vines, Tamia V. * Williams, Demya M.
White, Kyle J. Williams, Madison A.
Wickham, Ian H. * Yaw, Jackson E.
Williams, Theron I. Zaiter, Mazzen A.
Zaid, Sonua F.
* = 4.0 GPA


High Honors Honors With Honors
3.8-4.0 3.5-3.799 3.0-3.499
Abdelhay, Marwah * Banks, Samaria K. Al Hallak, Omar
Abron, Je’niyriah A. * Betts, A’Miya E. Ashford, Robyn J.
Bhagat, Abhi J. Bostwick, Darwin D. Bain, Bri’Asia E.
Bowers, Bianca C. * Brame, Zakaria N. Betts, Dakari L.
Callaway, Aniya L. Brown, Larry J. Billingsley, JaHeem E.
Cunning, Brandon J. * Coleman-Ervine, C. V. Bowman, Jayde E.
Davis, Darnell A. Collins, Evyn E. Boyd, Makayla L.
Ellison, Aaliyah K. Cooley, Sydnee S. Bradford-Walker, Priscilla L.
Freeney, Aiden D. * Davis-Gaines, Aniyah M. Brown, Alexander C.
Ghannoum, Byain * Farmer, Brooke L. Brown, Sequoia S.
Glasstetter, Gavin L. Flander, Larrisa M. Butcher, Cameron L.
Greenlee, Najee O. Gatlin, Jessica R. Canada, Ariya S.
Jackson, Dasani L. Gibson, Orlando J. Collins, Nia N.
Kumar, Anisha R. Gray, Julius K. Conlen, Jaden M.
Maroof, Razeen S. * Hamilton, Sa’Rah A. Cross, Morgan J.
Noakes, Demetrius D. Jr Harris, Ethan M. Durrett-Gipson, Amorianah
Palmateer, Victoria H. Harvey, Lauren K. Eschenko, Samuel G.
Palmer, Weston L. * Henderson, Ariel S. Esmail, Ghadeer M.
Pearson, Harley R. Holder, Samya R. Fetterman, Jayson M.
Pelky, Abbigail J. * Karhoff, Alyssa R. Garner, Shakira R.
Petty, Jacob C. Malloy, Jalil O. Gill, David A.
Purches, Bre’asia A. McCoy, Markeetus J. Jr Graham, Mariya A.
Roe, Sarah K. McGruder, Jania T. Green, Jason W. Jr
Shaw, Anastasia A. McIntosh, Caran C. Harris, Bobbie K.
Simmons, Jackson M. Miller-Thompson, Jasean W. Harris, Roshia D. II
Smeltzer, Christian S. * Palmateer, Alexandria G. Heller, Brooklynn S.
Thomas, Charli S. Richmond, Yilaina D. Jackson, Wendell D. III
Tomlin, Kalayia J. Rozier, Ameer R. Jordan, Kamannie D.
Young, Christa A. Scott, Tanisha M. Kincaid, Yazmin K.
* = 4.0 GPA Thoune, Izabella R. LeGrande, Nevaeh R.
Walker, Anyllah M. Lyles-Royster, Dionia J.
Williams, Lisa P. McBean, Ashton M.
McNeal, Aveontae C.
McNeal, Dalero D.
McNeill, Frederick L. Jr
Miller, Christian J.
Mosley, J’Mani R.
Newnham, Elizabeth S.
Nunn, Jayden S.
O’Connor, Lili R.
Perry, Shaniya O.
Peterson, KeAzia N.
Pointer, Angelique L.
Quintana Gomez, Gladys D.
Read, William C.
Reed, Jasmine P.
Scholl, Luke J.
Schupbach, Hanna C.
Schwartz, Jonathan R.
Southward, David Jr
Tedford, Kyla K.
Terrell, Kelita M.
Thomas, Nasjeria M.
Watson, Estela M.
Williams, Pamela
Wilson, Devion K.
Wray, Alyssa J.