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C-A Middle School VEX Robotics Teams WINS Robotics Michigan State Championship

Great news about our C-A Middle School VEX robotics teams

Our robotics teams won the VEX Robotics Michigan State Championship on Sunday. The two teams, MO’ Peeps (Team 1375A) and Even MO’ Peeps (Team 1375B), were among 28 middle school teams that competed at Jenison Fieldhouse at MSU on Sunday. Leanne Welch, of Rankin Elementary, coaches the teams.

Team 1375A was the No. 1 seed after the qualifying matches and selected Team 1375B and a third alliance partner from Lambertville. The three teams went undefeated in the playoffs, easily winning the finals match.

The results are here:

The world championship will be April 19-22 in Louisville, Kentucky (Kentucky Exposition Center). We will be among 160 middle school teams competing from around the world.


The 2 Carman-Ainsworth teams had yet another successful tournament.

They competed in Monroe amongst 48 teams (both middle and high school) and were ranked 1 and 3 after the qualification matches. They again formed an alliance together as the number 1 team for the elimination matches and came out victorious. The 2 teams each won a Champion Trophy. In addition, 1 team took 1st place in the Skills Challenge and the other won the Think Award honoring their programming ability.

After this weekend, the 2 Carman-Ainsworth Middle School teams, MO’ Peeps and Even MO’ Peeps are ranked #1 and #2 amongst all Middle School Vex teams in the state and #1 and #8 amongst all Middle School Vex teams in the world! An impressive showing for sure!

Both teams will next compete in the State Championship on February 19 at MSU. If they do well there, they will qualify for a world championship bid in April.


The following scholarships have a February deadline. Please act on these right away if interested. Any questions, please stop in the Guidance office.

Michigan Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship

Branch of the NAACP

Community Choice Credit Union Scholarship   

You Deserve it Scholarship

Michigan Education Association Scholarship

Simon Youth Community Scholarship

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program


CAMS Robotics Team Win Tournament

The Carman-Ainsworth Middle School Robotics teams were again victorious over the weekend. The tournament consisted of 44 teams, primarily high school. At the end of the qualification matches, the teams were seeded 1 and 4. The 2 C-A teams again joined forces as the #1 alliance in the 8 team elimination bracket.These teams together won every match in the elimination rounds capturing the Champions award!

In addition, 1 of the teams won the Middle School Excellence Award (the highest award granted to a well rounded team based on documentation in an engineering notebook).

The other team won the overall Excellence Award using the same criteria as above but this time amongst all teams (middle and high school).

Another extremely successful day for this hard working team! They are representing Carman-Ainsworth well!


Exemplary Individuals To Be Honored At 3rd Annual Silent Auction

The Carman-Ainsworth Education Foundation is pleased to recognize three truly exemplary individuals at its 3rdAnnual Silent Auction this year; please join us in applauding Mrs. Bonnie Haffajee (retired elementary principal), Mr. Benjamin Jones (high school band director), and Mrs. Lisa Koegel (parent and new school board member)! Each has continuously and unselfishly given their time, talents, and support for the good of our students, families, staff, and greater school community. Kindly save the date of Friday, April 28, 2017, at 5:30 p.m., for this very special celebration. The event will be held at Flushing Valley Golf Club & Banquet Center, 1124 E. Main Street, Flushing, Michigan. A wonderful buffet dinner will be provided and a cash bar will be available. Attached is the invitation and RSVP form. You may return the RSVP with pre-payment please to Mrs. Lisa Murphy at the CA Administration Building. Please share with friends, family, and retirees as appropriate. The CA Education Foundation Board sincerely thanks you for your continued support and looks forward to seeing you at the eventful festivities.

Click here to view event flyer

Dillon Students Make Gingerbread Cookies

Dillon Elementary students had a great night of making gingerbread cookies while reading stories on how to catch the gingerbread man.

Carman-Ainsworth VEX Middle School Robotics Take Home Trophies

Both of the Carman-Ainsworth VEX Middle School Robotics teams competed again on Saturday. They were amongst 32 Middle School teams competing. After the qualification matches both Carman-Ainsworth teams were paired together as the number 1 alliance team as they went into the elimination brackets including 8 different alliance teams.

The Carman-Ainsworth teams came out victorious together, defeating a Cranbrook alliance in the finals!

One of the teams also won the overall Champion Award, based on an interview with judges regarding the Engineering notebook they have compiled regarding their team and design process.

The other team won the Skills Challenge Award based on their programming skills and robot driving skills. (Carman-Ainsworth took 4 of the 6 trophies home!)

Both teams qualified for the state tournament as a result of their success. It will be at MSU on February 19. A good showing there qualifies teams to compete in the world championship in April. We would love for you to attend!

Members of the C-AMS teams include:

Lydia, Parker, Ainsley, Alex, Caleb, Kya, Jack, Micah, Leanders, Adrien, and Sonny

Dillon Winter Holiday Photos

CAHS Honor Roll (2nd Marking Period)


3.8-4.0 High Honors
* = 4.0 GPA
3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Abdalla, Omar    Allen, Sunshine A. Aaron, Jessiana K.
Ashburn, Da’Miya D. Beavers, Alexandria N. Arnold, Hannah N.
Bailey, Caleb P. Brown, Ashley D. Ashford-Thomas, DeQuaire
Bradley, Victoria P.* Brown, Savannah M. Blackburn, Eric J.
Brassaw, Logan M. Burns, Ashleigh N. Brown, Quinton C.
Carroll, Emily N.* Earley, Adrianna N. Brown-Banks, Kanina T.
Carter, Jack R.* Fletcher, Dustin A. Bryant, Me’Aira M.
Chaney, Nkya D.* Frank, Elizabeth J. Cole, Myles E. 
Compaore, Teshan M. Hodge, Caleb W. Cooper, Serenity R.
Cooper, Hailie A.* Holmes, Latrelle W. III DuVal, Vanessa L.
Counts, Aniya A. Ingram, Jerianne M. Grimsley, Kyah N.
Dexter, India I. Jefferies, Tanya A. Haley, E’Onia F.
Dollinger, Lily A. Jones, Nicole A. Harris, Angalique M.
Findlay, Tyler B. Jones, Qyara M. Hopson, Aarika L.
Gagnon, Ian W.  Jones, Tyshae A. Isaacson, Tessa R.
Gorton, Sylvia M. King, Eeshyia A. Jackson, Ayeishah S.
Gramse, Lawrence L. Jr Kirby, Jamaal D. Jackson, Aymarri G.
Grear, Sataria A. Lackney, Tyler J. Jackson, Joshua I.
Green, Alex B.  Langston Fielder, Senia Jamison, Kamia C.
Hachem, Batoul A. Mance, De’andre T. Johnson, Alexander H.
Harris, Alexis R. Martin, Jordan A. Johnson, Sydney C.
Holbrook, Mikaiah P. McDaniel, Noah R. Jones, Dylan M.
Holbrook, Mikayla R. Miller, Dori’asia D. Jourdan, Shayla S.
Hynan, Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Kennedy K. Kehoe, Myles D.
Kemp, Jasiri V.* Pettiford, Alexis L. Khirfan, Zayd M.
Koegel, Cameron D. Roe, Victoria J. Kirby, Bridgitte N.
Kumar, Brijesh  Scobey, Riley E. Knapp, Zahria D.
MacDermaid, Nicole E. Spreng, Michael D. Lane, Brittney B.
Maguffee, Keegan D. Stallings, Jakia J. Leverette, Aaviyon J.
McBride, Joselyn E. Stewart, Geonna A. Liggins, Tyrone J.
Morgan, Kourtney L.* Tartt, Xeryia M. Marchlowski, Dominic L.
Pearson, Desiree’ C.* White, Kyle J.  Miller, Mattison M.
Proctor, Ja’Naea N.* Williams, Madison A. Murphy, Nevaeh I.
Quinn, Jehne’ S. Yaw, Jackson E. Newton, Immanuel I.
Shukairy, Keenan Osborn, Alicia M.
Todd, Alicia A. Pangerl, Grace L.
Travis, Madison J. Parker, Marques M.
Vines, Tamia V.* Parkinson, Jasmine J.
Wickham, Ian H. Patton, Mya M. 
Wilkos, Jordan B. Pompey, Ronnie Jr
Williams, Theron I. Potts, Deandric D.
Quinn, Cheva’ L. Jr
Randall, Aimee M.
Robbins, Artavia N.
Routt, Matthew G.
Shields, Renee M.
Simpson, Montrel D. II
Taylor, Jasmine A.
Taylor, Khadai-Khalil A.
Thomas, Cedrick I.
Thompson, Shania J.
Wajeeh, Ahnaf A.
Webster, William L.
Williams, Ashari S.
Williams, Demya M.
Wilson, Quinesha L.
Winters-Simpson, Shanita
Witcher, Charlie W. II
Zaiter, Mazzen A.


3.8-4.0 High Honors
* = 4.0 GPA
3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Ahmad, Huma M.* Baker, Adam J.  Adams-Spillers, Jeremiah
Albright, Aniyah M. Blake, Bobby L. Allen, Rose C. 
Auston, Audra C. Bradshaw, India R. Amaya, Megan E.
Bachmeier, Jordan D.* Brown, Antonio D. Jr Barron, Trent A.
Bailey, Cameren D. Carter, Aaron R. Barry, Cedric C. Jr
Bobcean, Jamie C. Collins, Diont’e R. Bashir-Cager, Malik R.
Bowie, Kelly M. Doty, Molly D.  Bauswell-Osborn, Quaira
Boyd, Brendan M. Farhan, Mohamed J. Bell, Cieara D.
Boyd, Niah C.    Fisher, Alayna R. Berry, Tyson R.
Brantley, Rayven F.* Ghoseyni, Sameya M. Billingsley, Erica B.
Bridgett, Brittani L. Gillard, Kierra I. Blackmon, DyAshiah A.
Caldwell, Jasia R. Hawthorne, Amari L. Blount, Jakobe’ E.
Combs, Alanna A. Hill, Wallace V. Bonner, Precious K.
Dang, Kenny V.  Howard, Stephon M. Bostwick, Lucas
Dittenber, Joseph P. Hunt-Rapp, Kayla G. Broome, Randall E. II
Dollinger, Mary J.* Ingram, Zarria G. Brown, Ariyana Z.
Ebert, Isaiah Q.* Jackson, Deja S. Brown, Lakyia C.
Fletcher, Falon R. Johnson, Shamya L. Bunch, ArDeija T.
Franklin, Karimah A. Jones, Tamiria Y. Butler, Antoine L. Jr
Ghannoum, Batoul * Kile, Shelby D. Cadarette, Aaron L.
Ghoseyni, Khalil R. Lawson, William B. Cardwell, Lauren B.
Glaser, John R. Lenoir, Anjewel N. Centers, Amelia E.
Gleason, Garrett M. McGuire, Andrew P. II Collins, Alexis C.
Haley, Je’tia J. McIntyre, Dylan S. Cook, William C.
Hall, Mikaya K. Milow, Alana R. Crawford, Lawrence D. II
House, Harold D. III Morris, Shalynn L. Davis, Jacquelynn K.
Hudson-Stillwell, A’Nya Newsom, Derek L. Ditmyer, Ronan Q.
Hughes, Alexis S. Noakes, Torri X. Dixon, Payton M.
Jerome, Sean H.* Osborn, Stephanie M. Dotson, Tiana L.
Karbowski, John T. Phillips, Karissa A. Duncan, Kanessa K.
Khirfan, Jennah S. Pincomb, Evans G. Elbert, Ronnie G. III
King, Karyn S.* Powell, Myckal D. Engman, Skilar R.
King, Terae M. Jr Reece, Brian A. II Evans, Key’Shanna K.
Lindley, D’wan L. II Reid, Destiny R. Fadel, Ahmed T.
Maroof, Raef S.* Rowsey, Arlana M. Fields, Bre’Azsa I.
McIntire, Jenna E. Ryan, Marcelia L. Fisher, Amaya J.
Moore, MacKenzie H. Smith, Colin M. Ford, Autumn A.
Olivier, Jada L.* Spiller, Essiana R. Foster, MeMe S.
O’Neil, Payge I. Stone, Noelle L. Fox, Andrew G. 
Redmond, Ania M. Strong, Trenton R. Frank, Tristen L.
Reno, Alexis R. Talarico, Vanessa A. Frye-Crowder, Azariah R.
Sam-Farmer, Veronica A. Taylor, Kellyce A. Garner, Samuel E. Jr
Shah, Iman F.    Velez, Madalena P. Gates, Christopher J. Jr
Smith, Arianna A. Villarreal, Aurora A. Gatica, Santos Q.
Smith, Autumn N. Weston, Charneice F. Gonzalez, Robert N.
Smith, Clayton M. Williams, Amante’ R. Gouldman, Stephan J.
Sweney, Samantha N. Young, Eli A.    Hachem, Zeinab M.
Welsh, Janiya T.* Young, Zachary W. Harmon, Aniya J.
Whalen, Cody S. Harrison, Areyana D.
Harris-Salaam, Katai A.
Henderson, Myron D. Jr
Henderson-Herbert, Ke’ni
Hinton, Rafeal D.
Hobson, Jiyana Y.
Hughes, Kevin W. Jr
Jefferson, Maya C.
Johnson, Destiny D.
Kenney, Katia T.
Keyes, Keshawn M.
Lang, Asil L.   
Lester, Destinee C.
Lester, Diamond J.
Loomis, Sarah H.
Morris, Olliesha J.
Morris, Terra S.
Moye, Taleah J.
Palmer, Myracle C.
Parker, Micah L. II
Payne, Kolby M.
Perry, Chelsea A.
Peterson, Nathan A.
Reed, Alaiha E.
Reed, Ociea Z. 
Rhodes, Zachary T.
Romero, Roger A.
Rutherford, Ahamad K.
Shackleford, NaKaree A.
Shann, Kloelyn R.
Shukairy, Ahmed Z.
Smith, Amoz L. 
Smith, Aniyah L.
Smith, Tyne E. 
Taylor, Tommy L. III
Thurston, Hannah L.
Trapp, Breanna A.
Wells, Alawnah R.
Wheeler, Joseph A. Jr
Williams, Andre M.
Wilson, Caribbia V.
Wyatt, Myah A. 
Young, Jordyn J.


3.8-4.0 High Honors
* = 4.0 GPA
3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Anderson, A’Naia J. Abron, Andre’naya J. Adams, Genora T.
Black, Jada M. * Aldroubi, Fatema Bailey, Diamond A.
Boyd, Chante’ J.* Avery, Timothy L. II Bailey, Le V. III
Carroll, Maxwell J. Ball, Imahja U. Banks Hearst, Arriyana E
Chambers, Keayera R. Bell, Karla K.  Bavier, Ethan Q.
Cook, Natalie E. Bowers, Alyla J. BeCoats, Justin B.
Cooper, Malaysha M. Bowie, Kaitlyn M. Boulden, Alexandre’a P.
Dang, Evangelina B. Brooks, Mykala I. Brewer, Zachary R.
Davis, Destiny M. Brown, Benjamin W. IV Brooks, Marshall C.
Ebarb, Christina A. Burgess, Hannah G. Brophy, Tyler P.
Foth, Hanami K. Collins, Arron M. Brown, Ashton L.
Freeney, Christian A. Conway, Ataya K. Brown, Jalyn K.
Fryer, Ta’mya K. Duncan, Omari L. Brown, Kerria R.
Gillespie, Rachel L.* Edwards, Jordan D. Brown, Sydney J.
Hafez, Zainab    Fairbrother, Alexandra R Cabell, Nya L. 
Holland, Autumn T. Fogarsi, Ciera J. Calhoun, Bless J.
Hood, Niajah M. Heaton, Connor W. Carter, Jontae’ S.
Howell, Sophia U. Holland, Aleysha R. Coggins, Hannah M.
Jefferson, Morgan G. Humphrey, Jalayah D. Dyke, Curtis M.
Johnson, Jacobi L. Johnson, LaTisha L. Earley, Nakiya J.
King, Danielle S.* Kavula, Amber L. Edwards-Morgan, Kovu K.
Koegel, Carson J.* Kiras, Tabitha A. Ellison, Lauryn T.
Laury, Taniya M. Lara, Sierra S. Goulbourne, Kendre’ D.
Lawrence, Taylor M. Lewis, Ja’kavien K. Gross, Erin N. 
Locke, Jacob R. Miles, Draper L. II Hall, Charles T. III
McClellan, Michael A. Jr * Mixon, Aleah T. Harden, Isis L.
McGruder, Khalia A.* Moore, Macie L. Harris, De’Jon L.
Mills, Courtney M.* Parker, Mariah M. Harrison, Tayler A.
Morgan, Alexis N.* Phillips, Alexandria R. Howell, Ariel A.
Polzin, Christopher D. Powell, Roosevelt III Jackson, David II
Reynero, Victoria E. Powell, Shamonica J. Jackson, Zakara A.
Sherrer, Morgan M.* Sabourin, Hannah M. Jefferies, Tiara M.
Shippy, Chance C. Smoots-Hoyle, Cherry A. Johnson, Devon R.
Shukairy, Nisreen Stephens, Andrew N. Kuczera, Rachel S.
Southward, Shai’tara D.* White, Jacob D. Kurmas, April M.
Thomas, Adam T. Woods, Krystal M. Lewis, Mikaya D.
Thomas, Alyssa S. Wright, Rudolph M. IV Locke, Jasmine M.
Wafiy, Jayyid A.* Yearby, Kya N.  Mack, Niles E. 
Wells, Ashlei R. Young, Brittany H. Maguffee, Shaelyn R.
Yost, Jacob J.  Malone, Jeanetta A.
Young, Marianna M. McAfee, Logan C.
McFadden, Shaunya S.
McGilvery, Kate L.
McIntosh, Kelsey R.
McKenzie, Karlynn A.
Olson, Dylan J.
Osborn, Shayne A.
Phinisee, Latece M.
Reed-Gonzalez, Zophieia
Rheaves, Aleashiaray L.
Riggs, Aaliyah L.
Rodgers, Brynna C.
Sanders, China N.
Scott, Crystal N.
Sheely, Yazmine M.
Smiley-Cain, Shuntaye R.
Smith, Briaja B.
Smith, Jalen D.
Speaks, Katie L.
Speights, Byzjon S.
Thompson, Naseem H.
Tipton-Thomas, Mizahnyi
Williams, Erykah L.
Williams, Lenitta R.


3.8-4.0 High Honors
* = 4.0 GPA
3.5-3.79 Honors 3.00-3.49 W/Honors
Atkins, Madison A. Abdel-Hay, Yazeed Abrams, LayAnna A.
Aubrey, Christian G.* Amthor, Zachariah J. Ahmed-Ghani, Izza M.
Bakr, Larza K.  Andrews, Montanna A. Alawlaqi, Salma N.
Benson, Ocher A. Blackmon, Nate’ L. Andrew, Amanda P.
Bhagat, Jina J.* Bolf, Seth A.    Bice, Kassandra J.
Bragg, Kendall M. Boose, Dereka L. Brewer, Jazzmin A.
Brown, Alicia M.* Buckley, Zeontre’ M. Brooks, Ta’Jai L.
Clark, Paris A.* Burtenshaw, Courtney E. Brown, Andrea G.
Coleman, Kennedy D. Chapman, Shamiya Q. Brown, Ko’Shaun M.
Collins, Gabrielle L. Clayton, Sameika T. Burnett, Chae’ J.
Cox, Caity A.    Cooper, Imani K. Byrd, Montraee T. II
Crater, Shon’Tageah L. Davis, Teaira S. Card, Tiffany M.
Cunningham, Joshua E.* Dollinger, Eleanor R. Carpenter-Smith, Ashton
Curtis, Bailey M.* Evans, Denayha M. Collins, Andrew D.
Dyke, Madison M. Gagnon, Aaron M. Collins, Luther W.
Ebert, Garrett A.* Garcia, Haley R. Collins, Nandi C.
Fell, Caitlyn J. Green, Trent A. Corbitt, Matthew B.
Gamble, Hilton C. Harris, Cashae K. Crews, Brianna M.
Gibson, Jibre M. Hicks, Shakeelah H. Daniels, Taliyha R.
Gill, Jimese S.* Hornaday, Dana M. Dixon, Brittney N.
Greer, Zachary J. Jafari, Hamza    Dixon, Destiny J.
Hall, Destiny C. Johnson, Shakara R. Dixon, James A.
Holloman, Marques T. Keaton, Dymone Z. Doby, Constance L.
Humphrey, Jayla D. Kirksey, Dejah C. Dombrowski, Joshua J.
Hynan, Isabelle L. Kumar, Nitiyaja Duboise, Donnie’ L.
Kamal, Afra S.* Laury, Leaira J. Evans, Romeo R.
King, Justin A.* Lawler, Samiah I. Fiewig, Spencer J.
Lowe, Alexis M. Le Gardye, Maiya S. Fischer, Michael A.
Magnuson, Ashley M. Lewis, Willis D. IV Ford, Janay N. 
Mason, D’Mya A.* Liddle, Madelyn F. Fowlkes, Alaysia D.
McNair, Dajene’ N.* Lloyd, Maria C. Franklin, Keith
Miller-Thompson, Jahanna Madison, T’Onia S. Franklin, Khali
Moore, Ayana M. Marshall, Matteson E. Frost, Dylan S.
Moore, Shaniah N. McFadden, Jamesha R. Gilbert, Travis O.
Pettigrew, Baylie A. McNair, Ahveonna I. Gillarm, Christian A.
Powell, Jonathan M. Miller-Tipton, Heavenly Givens, Darius K.
Savage, Natori L. Minzey, Natalie O. Green, Lauryn N.
Shipley, Hunter N. Moore, Taryn A. Hare, Jalin T. 
Silva, Leticia E. Munerlyn, Danielle L. Haygood, En’Dea S.
Simon, Sharelle S. Osborn, Shane A. Hoskins, Amaya A.
Tabbah, Sumaya M. Owens, Laura C. Houston, Porshe J.
Thomas, Treyvion A. Palmer, Zahria L. Hubbard, Kaitlyn A.
Vantine, Arianna M. Pangerl, Wyatt A. Hunter, Eric D. II
Whittington, Tiffany C.* Parks, Antonio A. Johnson, Ajah M.
Zimmerman, Hailey F. Phillips, Kennedy R. Johnson, Teaundra C.
Pittman, Deja L. Johnson-Chapman, A’Teonn
Richard, Bre’Lanee’ N. Jones, Gabrielle A.
Ritchie, Alexis M. Jones, Shireuna J.
Rodgers-Daniels, Jayla E Karhoff, Dylan C.
Scott, Mi’Toya L. Kelch, Ashley N.
Simpson, Ivrie S. Latchaw, Wesleyanne F.
Smith, Tyona S. Laury, Leeona M.
Thompson, Alexia M. Lee, Shariah S.
Tomkinson, Justin L. Liquia, Jontrai D.
Van Duyne, Olivia M. Manns, River A.
Williams, Christian D. Martin, Kennedy R.
Williams, Taylor L. Miller, JaKori G.
Moore, Franchesska
Moore, Ivan M. II
Morris, Samuel A.
Noakes, Daleshea M.
O’Neal, Jared P.
Pearson, Channing M. II
Pearson, Chelsea C.
Pepitone, Megan L.
Phillips, Austin T.
Pitts, Miesha M.
Polzin, Kaitlynn D.
Presswood, Auston F.
Pritchett, Nigel D.
Quinn, Amber R.
Riggs, D’Ario D.
Rouse, Taylor A.
Scales, Briana J.
Scales, Takeyia M.
Shackelford, Nyrrah N.
Silas, Kenneth E. II
Simpson, Chaz G.
Snider-Jones, Justin W.
Streeter, Syera R.
Sullivan, Charles R.
Sylvester, Ebony A.
Taylor, My’Kayla C.
Thabet, Khaled A.
Thompson, Kye J.
Todd, Carter L.
Tucker, Lyndan M.
Voelker-Yopp, Samantha J
Wagner, Sarah J.
Webb, Kenshyra U.
White, Jamik G.
White, Laiya S.
Williams, Aja J.
Williams, Christian M.
Williams, Raygan Z.
Wilson, Daquarius D.
Wilson, Imani P.
Winfrey, Xavier I. II
Yang, Cheng C. 


CAMS Honor Roll (2nd Marking Period

8th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Je’niyriah A. Alawlagi, Haneen N. Albrati, Bushra N.
Allen, Rachel G. Collins, Evyn E. Aldabyani, Dunya D.
Beard, Trencye M. Cross, Morgan J. Alzahabi, Nabila
Betts, A’Miya E.* Davis, Lakyra J. Anderson, Cleon D. Jr
Bhagat, Abhi J.* Durrett-Gipson, Amorianah Armstrong, Alexis P.
Bishop, Melvin A. Elsafadi, Cham Bain, Bri’Asia E.
Bostwick, Darwin D. Farmer, Brooke L. Baker, Jacobee N.
Bowers, Bianca C.* Forster, Brianna N. Banks, Samaria K.
Boyd, Makayla L. Gibson, Orlando J. Bennett-Edwards, India C.
Brame, Zakaria N.* Gill, David A. Betts, Dakari L.
Callaway, Aniya L. Green, Jason W. Jr Black, Andrew K.
Carpenter, Jesse O. Jr* Hadden, Stephanie R. Boggan, Taniya D.
Conlen, Jaden M. Hamilton, Sa’Rah A. Bradford-Walker, Priscilla L.
Davis-Gaines, Aniyah M. Harris, Bobbie K. Branch, Annitre’ M.
Ellison, Aaliyah K. Harris, Ny’Onia T. Brooks, ShaMyya M.
Flander, Larrisa M. Holbrook, Kayli M. Brumley, Jordyn N.
Freeney, Aiden D. Holliman, Donta M. JR Coleman, Logan A.
Ghannoum, Byain* Holmes, Anthony D. Coulter, Damerion C.
Glasstetter, Gavin L.* Hoyle, Dyemesheann K. DeLoach, MarQuall W.
Harris, Ethan M.* Kemp, Jonah L. Fields, Alonna N.
Harvey, Lauren K. Lewis, Alivia R. Fitzgerald, Ny’Asia A.
Holder, Samya R. Liggins, Kameel M. Gatica, Audric M.
Ishmael, Andrew R. Long, Miyasia L. Goines, Amani S.
Kumar, Anisha R.* Lyles-Royster, Dionia J. Graham, Mariya A.
Matusik, Landon C. McNeal, Dalero D. Henson, Morgan M.
McIntosh, Caran C.* Miller, Christian J. Horne, Rashad D. Jr
Merriwether, Landon E.* Miller, Clyde D. Jr Jackson, Alysha R.
Miller-Thompson, Jasean W. Miller, Karis I. Jackson, Dasani L.
Noakes, Demetrius D. Jr Mosley, J’Mani R. Jamison, Amia S.
O’Connor, Lili R. Nunn, Jayden S. Jones, Qua’Vontez O.
Palmer, Sarah E.* Ochodnicky, Skye M. Kirby, Hannah E.
Palmer, Weston L. Palmateer, Victoria H. LeGrande, Nevaeh R.
Pearson, Harley R.* Perkins, Kenneth D. Jr Lemelin, Charlotte A.
Pelky, Abbigail J.* Peterson, KeAzia N. Malloy, Jalil O.
Petty, Jacob C. Read, William C. McCray, Alaya E.
Roe, Sarah K.* Rogers, Jason S. II McLeod, Kylee S.
Rose, Caleb J.* Simpson, Desire’ S. Muex, Terrence D. Jr
Sanders-White, Mi’Angel A. Southward, David Jr Muhammad, Ah’Lanah N.
Shaw, Anastasia A. Stevens, Darchell J. Muhammad, Taim Allah
Simmons, Jackson M.* Tanner, Kaniya S. Noakes, E’Toria J.
Smith, Jurni L. Thomas, Nasjeria M. Orrison, Joshua N.
Terrell, Kelise M. Thoune, Izabella R. Palmateer, Alexandria G.
Terrell, Kelita M. Urquhart, Curtisa L. Pointer, Angelique L.
Thomas, Charli S. White, Elijah M. Purches, Bre’asia A.
Tomlin, Kalayia J.* Willingham, Tacyra C. Reece, Kevin A.
Young, Christa A. Reed, Jasmine P.
Richmond, Yilaina D.
Schullar, Kelsie J.
Schupbach, Hanna C.
Shirley-Knox, Cameron M.
Smith, Shun J. II
Snow-Cooper, Chudeah A.
Speer, Taryn A.
Taylor, Nathanial J.
Tedford, Kyla K.
Thompson, Kishon D.
Tunstall, Isaiah H.
Valdez, Savannah
Walker, Anyllah M.
Watson, Estela M.
West, Ava J.
Womack, Jariah L.
Wray, Alyssa J.
Wright, Iyana T.

7th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Albrati, Abdulrahman N. Bell, Kaya R. Alexander, Mya R.
Allen, Leah R. Bowers, Le’anders A. Allen, Julius M. Jr
Baxter, Ashanti K.* Bradshaw, Samyria D. Baker, Isaiah J.
Beavers, Waymond M. Caldwell, Angel M. Boyd, Jonathan W.
Boyd, Chavonte’ L. Conway, A’Mariyah N. Brown, Kevonna N.
Bright, Madison C.* Cruz, Romeo Jr Burns, Britney E.
Brown, Allison K.* Daunt, Emma N. Burns, Maddison T.
Brown, Kendall A. Forgette, Jesse A. Caballero, Camillia B.
Buchler, Aiden L. Fragoso, Adrien D. Chandonnet, Michael C.
Buck, Ashlyn N.* Gatewood, Alaysia E. Choate, Linzey L.
Cook, Vincent C.* Gibbs-Baker, Joshua S. Contreras, Alize D.
Crawley, Nicholas A.* Hadden, Harli R. Davis, Jamya A.
Dobbins, Sierrah M.* Hamilton, Myli I. Dones, Jenesis J.
Edwards, Malaki D. Johnson, Aleiya C. Ellison, Christian J.
Fisher, Lauren D. Laffrey, Dominique R. Estes, Ravyn A.
Gasser, Amelia C.* Lathon, Paris O. Fadil, Shayma H.
Gentz, Christine M. Murphy, MyAziah R. Foth, Kylee J.
Ghannoum, Noran* Nelson, Kaneesa M. Hanley, Eileen E.
Green, Hudson D. II* Odom, Reina C. Hawkins, Shakylah R.
Grosinsky, Rain L. Ollie, Christina R. Horton, Precious A.
Halbedel, Triniti M.* Oswald, Diamond Jackson, A’Mya N.
Jackson, Inell S. Smith, Katricia B. Jackson, Madison R.
Jenkins, Amaya C. Smith, Khomani D. Johnson, Timia D.
Johnson, Andre F. III* Smith-Daniels, Alexis M. Keener, Demetrius A. II
Jones, Cynai C. Stewart, Daysha S. Key, Ky’Mariona S.
Kamien, Ariyanna N. Travis, Emma F. Khirfan, Amr M.
Kemp, Aalicia I. Velez, Marianelli L. Kinder, Savannah N.
King, Geordrena D. Wagner, Kaylynn C. Kingsbury, Melissa D.
Lasley, Ethan W.* Warren, DeJeriona C. Knight, Me’kayla N.
Marzette, Zanaya S. Zhao, Steven Marsh, Kayla E.
McLaughlin, Daryl G. Jr Martin, Clalexis M.
Milow, Alayla K. Mattson, Noah T.
Minzey, Lydia E.* McClure, Jante’ Z.
Montiel, Diego A. McMinn-Peterson, Gabriel H.
Moore, Kennedy A. Motley, Kameron E.
Munn, Arianna J.* O’Neal, Dre’ana C.
Myott, Hayley R.* Osborn, Zachary X.
Nelson, Ja’Karra P. Ouedraogo, Davis W.
Oosterhof, Parker A. Payne, Jaspernaya B.
Palmer, Alysea K. Peterson, Shawn N.
Patsey, Mariah N. Scobey, Mason W.
Pearson, Dylan B. Shine, Sanquela V.
Penton, Devin W.* Sipes, Justice M.
Penton, Isaiah C. Smith, Ty N.
Phinisee, Ma’Kayla N. Smoots, Kaleigh N.
Raquepaw, Emily R. Spell, Brianna N.
Shamly, Sanet B.* Thomas, Mia K.
Smith, Amari M. Thompson, Kielin D.
Thomas, Zion A. Thompson, Raven R.
Treiger, Aaron D.* Thorpe, Emma M.
Vanderhyde, Ainsley N.* Trannon, Kameren D.
Walker, Isis D. Virgo, Devin J.
Weathers, Andre L. Jr* Walker, Yasmine S.
Wickham, Alexander G.* Warren, DeVona C.
Williams, Cleveland L. Jr Watkins, Jaidyn L.
Williams, Kyeliyah S.* Welch, Variah M.
Wright, Khyonna S.* Wicks, Destiny M.
Wilcox, Karsen C.
Willis, Salena R.
Wilson, Naomi L.
Wirebaugh, Cody J.
Wright, Morgan M.
Yax, Paige D.

6th Grade

High Honors
3.8 – 4.0
*= 4.0 GPA
3.5 – 3.799
With Honors
3.0 – 3.499
Abron, Niylah E.* Ahmed, Afnan A. Barfield, JayDen
Al-Sakkal, Mohammad T. Alzahabi, Alaa Bizzle, Devlin V. Jr
Alzahabi, Khaled Asphy, Nyasia I. Bosworth, Makayla L.
Atkins, Cameron J.* Baxter, Triniti E. Brooks, Jailen M.
Atou, Annessa Cox, Jaxson R. Burrow, Shyanne M.
Bean, Grant A.* Cox, Taryn L. Butler, Cameron H. Jr
Burge, Daidyn L. Durrett, Omarion Claxton, Sydney J.
Burley, Aiyana S. Gocha, Faith E. Clingman, Zion A.
Campbell, Talise A. Gonzalez, Liberty Cotterman, Gage M.
Carpenter, Nathan T. Grosinsky, Destiny L. Cowson, Rushon A.
Carter, Sarah T. Hightower, Jakquos D. Jr Dana, Nathan L.
Cawood, Kya E.* Hutchinson, Kierstynn R. Fields, An’Drea C.
Counts, Ta’leah S. Jacko, Anthony M. Gipson, Zariyah T.
Crepeau, Mya M.* Johnson, Aryanna E. Gittings, Marissa A.
Crosby, Arryonna A. McDaniel, Kiara N. Goss, Nicholas J.
Dunn, Silas M. Moore, Premiere A. Harrington, Daslynn M.
Evans, Keyonte D.* Nelson, Jeidyn C. Hollis, Key’rah A.
Fee, Landen J. Niner, Angelia K. Hollis, Kyrah A.
Fisher, Gabrielle M. Norman-Davis, Eric A. Jenkins, Nevaeh E.
Frederique, Ashely D. Norris, RaeAnn D. Johnson, Myla M.
Ghannoum, Eman* Owens-Blackmon, Vernon S. Johnson, Nigell J.
Goss, Zoey P. Parrish, Te’Ajia A. Jones, Lunden A.
Hackney, David A. Simpson, Faith M. Jordan, Morgan N.
Hatter, Jalen K.* Yearby, Kassidy A. Keys, Jacob E.
Heit, Isabella M.* Kimball, Mya E.
Holbrook, Malachi J.* Long, Jaden T.
Jimmerson, Jazmyne M. Mills, Aaron A.
Kenworthy, Katherine M. Morris, Elaina S.
Lane, Angel E. Morris, Halye L.
Lillard, Raina N.* Neyland, Ajhia
McDaniel, Jalaya K. Nickerson, Aaron D.
Meshraky, Kirolous M.* Paige, Caden V.
Miller, Samantha A. Parker, Mackenzie D.
Mohler, Emily R.* Pearson, Mackenzie P.
Muhammad, Dhakirah M. Pemberton, Cordell M.
Pangerl, Paige A.* Pierson, Hannah L.
Robinson, Sierra C. Poe, Samira S.
Roy, Jack C.* Reese, Mystic R.
Scott, Sa Niyah S. Rodriguez, Serenity H.
Shamly, Micah M.* Scales, Nashiya L.
Smith, Ian A. Simpkins, Alonzo T.
Smith, Sylmaria R. Stamm, Richard L. III
Sublett, Janna N. Stephen, JaDyne B.
Tenson, Charielle S.* Treiger, Joslyn R.
Van Fleet, Chassidy L. Williams, Robert C.
Walker, Jamelia S. Yoder, Zion I.
Wallace, Terrance L.
Wells, Matthew B.
Zhao, Aaron*