Rankin Elementary Halloween Parade

Troubadours Perform For Randels

On Monday, Nov. 27, the Troubadours of the Flint Symphony Orchestra performed for all Randels students. As usual, the show was outstanding and students enjoyed participating!

Old Newsboys

Registration period is October 30th – December 22nd. The number is 744-1840. Old Newsboys is located at 6255 Taylor Drive (off Hill Road between U.S. 23 and VanSlyke Road.)

Must bring: Drivers License or State ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificates or Judgments of Legal Custody for each child enrolled, income document (2016 tax records, current MI Medicaid Card or Acceptance to Federal School Lunch Program).

Meet Our New Staff

Say Hello To:

Jackie Botsford is a second grade teacher at Dye Elementary. Her hobbies include reading, volleyball, spending time with her family and watching movies. She has been on mission trips to Mexico City and to South Africa. Jackie dreams of one day visiting New Zealand, Italy and Hawaii. She is excited to be a part of C-A and states “I love children and have a passion to see all my students reach their goals and excel in their learning.”

Angela Boyd is excited to join Dye Elementary and work with C-A families and students. Her spare time is filled with reading, camping, spending time with family and supporting C-A Football.

Kaitlyn Brasher is the art teacher at the Middle School. She has been fortunate to travel all over the country through golf and she would like to continue her travels; especially to places outside of the U.S. She is excited to join the C-A community and states “Art has always been my biggest passion and I’m excited to show my students how it can positively affect their lives.”

Linda Cerulli joins Dye Elementary as a 2nd/3rd grade teacher. She enjoys reading and cooking. She has traveled with her husband to Washington, D.C. and toured the White House.

Rebecca Cole is joining Randels Elementary as a paraprofessional and looks forward to working with new students and teammates and is hoping to make a difference. She has traveled to Key West  this Spring and would like to explore other tropical beaches.

Merideth Collins is a math and science teacher at the Middle School. She enjoys skiing and snowboarding and has spent 23 seasons as a volunteer member of the Pine Knob Ski Patrol performing first aid and snow sport safety. One day she would like to go to Sicily to visit her family there. Merideth is looking forward to sharing her stories and experiences while providing the best possible educational opportunities with students at the Middle School.

Megan Darley is a fifth grade teacher at Dye Elementary. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, drinking coffee and cooking. She also enjoys walking her dogs Oliver and Winchester. Travels have taken her to Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Canada and all over the United States. One day she dreams of going to Greece with her husband Jacob.

Kally Grover will be at Randels Elementary as a speech-language pathologist. She is looking forward to being with C-A in an elementary setting.

Samantha Hamilton is school counselor at both Dillon and Rankin Elementaries. Her spare time is filled with family, running, and her dog, Brody. One day she dreams of travelling to Europe. She is looking forward to working with kids and families.

Mary Haslinger has joined Carman-Ainsworth as the Interim Principal of the Middle School. She has had opportunities to travel to Samoa, Peru, Mexico, Maine, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Washington D.C. Her spare time is filled with everything from spending time with family to golf, hiking, reading, camping, watching the Detroit Tigers, as well as most other sports. She enjoys the energy of Middle School students and their desire to impact the community and looks forward to building relationships with students and staff.

Amy Hosmer is excited to be a Cav and is looking forward to meeting more of the Middle School staff and students in her position there. She has spent time as a Special Olympics coach. She has also traveled to Kenya and Uganda as well as to California and South Carolina. She would like to go to Alaska and Hawaii.

Courtney Hoyes is a fifth grade teacher at Randels Elementary. She enjoys playing golf, dancing, cooking and baking. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and caring for her animals. She dreams of one day going someplace warm and tropical and staying in a tiki hut on the water. Possibly in the Maldives or Bora Bora.

Brandy Jones is our Dean of Students at Dye Elementary. She fills her spare time with family, reading, traveling, camping, and scrap booking. Travels have taken her to various states including Texas and Washington, D.C. She has also been to Barbados and Jamaica and would like to go to Africa.  She also enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flint and Genesee County. She is a graduate of C-A and feels honored to return to serve her community.

Andrew Knuuti is teaching at the High School. He and his wife, Kimberly, have vacationed to Florida and also been on a cruise. Andrew likes to fix anything that breaks and also likes to watch baseball, basketball, and football. He looks forward to learning and working with each and everyone.

Jacqueline Luea is a Speech Pathologist at Dye Elementary. She enjoys soccer, biking, ready, and time with family. She would also like to visit all 50 states having already been to 35 of them.

Lisa Maas is teaching writing to sixth graders. She loves scrap booking and family trips to Disney. She is looking forward to getting to know the kids and staff at the Middle School.

Aldrich Morgan is joining the Middle School as a paraprofessional. He is looking forward to working in the classroom with students. He has traveled to Hawaii and Canada and would like to visit Columbia.

Jeff Nagy is a math teacher at the High School. He is a graduate of Flint Central and enjoys hunting, fishing, family and the Detroit Tigers.

Alyssa Nowak will be at the Middle School in the self-contained special education classroom. She loves sports having played college basketball. She also enjoys downhill skiing, water skiing, and beach volleyball. She especially loves to be at the beach for Spring Break.

Amanda Palen-Rendon loves reading and learning and is a huge animal lover. She also enjoys watching the Detroit Red Wings.  She also enjoys travelling up north with her husband, Michael, to relax by the water and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Jeff Piechowski is a 20-year veteran of TV and radio news with an Emmy-nomination! He is now a long-term sub at Atlantis where he had been teaching in the Under 16 program. He enjoys working with students there and watching them grow and succeed.

Christine Rainwater will be at Randels this year as a Resource Room teacher. She loves spending time up north and enjoying time outdoors. She also likes to read and craft on her cricut. She is happy to be a part of the C-A team and looks forward to a great year at Randels.

Sarah Ricketts joins the High School staff this year. She loves to read, cook, travel, and spend time with her family. She has been to 40 of the 50 states and to 4 countries.

Lindsey Ridley is joining the main office of the High School as Assistant Secretary. She enjoys watching Tigers baseball, is a MSU fan and a movie buff. She also enjoys travelling and spending time with family.

Justine Turner is a first-year teacher and will be in the Kindergarten/1st grade split at Rankin Elementary. She enjoys tennis, camping, and being outdoors. She has been to Florida, the Bahamas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and would love to one day go to Greece, France, and Hawaii.

Dorene Warren is a third grade teacher at Dye Elementary. She is an avid reader and a HUGE Michigan Football Fan. During each summer she and her family make their way to the  U.P. Dorene is excited to be teaching in C-A and being closer to home. She is a grad of Flint Northern.

Sally Young is our new Atlantis Alternative building secretary.  She has been a teacher, Boy Scout Counselor and American Red Cross Instructor. Spare time is enjoyed with family going camping and swimming.

CAMS Honor Roll

6th Grade

High Honors
*=4.0 GPA
With Honors
Adams, Justin L. Al Wajeh, Mohamed N. Alwageeh, Alharth M.
Al-Sakkal, Mohammad A.* Anderson, Julia R. Ayash, Sakiah M.
Amadou, Fatima N. Avery, Ka’lynn T. Bowman, Briana L.
Bachmeier, Bailey M. Avery, Ra’yana N. Brown, Jacob E.
Baker-Cottrill, Alyssa R.* Bridges, Ja’Coy S. Buggs, Jae’Shoun J.
Beda Moyembe, Wesley F. Brilinski, Evan C. Campbell, Devin L.
Beech, Riley R. Caballero, Alejandro J. Carter, Naomi S.
Bright, Mackenzie P.* Castillo, Savanna L. Cheeks, Zameona I.
Burrill, Bryce S.* Everett, Serenity D. Cromwell, Bryce A.
Carr, Bryce B. Franks, Savannah M. Cunningham, Andra J.
Childress, Alannah N.* Givens, Nyla N. Daunt, Noah D.
Chin-Kee-Fatt, Naima P.* Golden, Promise M. Dennis, Kayla M.
Crawley, Austin J. Goza, Gabrielle D. Denton, Miah G.
Cruz, Angelina M. Hall, Jessica R. Dye, Damarion S.
Day, Chloe M. Hancock, Brad T. Espinoza-Romero, Kevin O.
Dompreh, Jordan A. Harper, Emma N. Ford, Janiro C. II
Fletcher, Kylie M.* Huyck, Austin E. Gill, Alexzander J.
Forster, Jenna L. Hyatt, Nya A. Greenman, Jessica M.
Gaines, Annese D.* Johnson, David D. Hawthorne, Quincy L. Jr
Gaither, Haize L.* Johnson, DeMareon L. Holbrook, Edward J. Jr
Gentz, Morgan P. Johnson, Maximus M. Hooks, Hailey S.
Glasstetter, Payton C.* Johnson, Za’Kya J. Hutchinson, Timothy S. Jr
Golden, Aysia M. King, Anaijah R. Jack, Kasondra L.
Gray, Keanna L. King, Irany L. Looney, Rozier J. II
Griffin, Christopher A. Jr Knight, Abbigale M. Majied, Myana R.
Guise, Calvin P.* Lewis-Hudson, La’Tazia D. Marzette, Kenyatta D. Jr
Guise, Jillian S. Lucius, Autumn M. Miller, Christlynn A.
Hamilton, Cieani S. McElroy, Aziah M. Miller-Logan, Kyra M.
Hanson, Vance T. McFadden, Corey R. Morris, Mykailynn A.
Harden, Sherron A. Petriken, Aidan J. Nelson, Kimori K.
Harris, Aniyah G.* Prentiss, Samantha L. Neurohr, Harmoni K.
Henry, Symone T. Shaw, Donovan X. O’Neill, Breonna R.
Hill, Taylor J.* Simmons, Lucas F. Potvin, Thomas S.
Holmes, Ariyanah D. Slayton, Emily E. Ramsay, Trinity K.
Huffman, Makenzie R. Smith, Kayana S. Smith, Amaree O.
Kelly, Phillip M. Smoots, De’marion M. Smith, Heaven N.
Kenworthy, Jacob D. Smutek, Essence L. Smith, Sylvea A.
Kumar, Aditya K.* Stephens, SaQuarius L. Snodgrass, Fawn K.
Martin, Anna Marie L. Stevens, DaQuindra K. Spencer, Jezzika E.
Martin, Makalah E.* Stuart, Brooklynn M. Stewart, Cailyn
Masson, Daniel W. Jr Sturdivant, Tyler A. Tucker, Lilton D. Jr
Miller, Gillian D.* Tyler, Amani L. Walker, Trayvon B.
Montgomery, Sharmaine A. Wilson-Snow, Chude’ A. Walker, William J.
Northrup, Alyssa A.* Wright, Gyasi M. Whidbee, Keondra L.
Owens, Ronnie B. Williams, Arielle J.
Paschel, Kobe L. Williams, KahMari J.
Pelky, Chase L. Wright, Syncere T.
Peters, Celia* Yaw, Shannon E.
Phillips, Mekenzie A. Young, Kayden J.
Phinisee-Carter, Amyah L.
Price, Katrina S.
Rickert, Logan M.
Roberts, Aleena L.
Roriex, Delon L.
Routt, Mason S.
Sawyer, Maya L.
Schupbach, Joshua N.*
Shann, Brady A.
Tobias, Jenna K.
Trask, Jayden L.
Valdez, Brayden R.
Virgo, Paige E.*
Wafford, Jai A.
Wahl, Robert J.
Weathers, A’Nyla M.*
Williams, Alyssia A.
Williams, Amiah V.
Williams, Nariah N.

7th Grade

High Honors
*=4.0 GPA
With Honors
Abron, Niylah E.* Albrati, Ahmed N. Al-Sakkal, Mohammad T.
Al Wajeh, Wafa N.* Aljamali, Ali H. Bosworth, Makayla L.
Baxter, Triniti E. Asphy, Nyasia I. Branch, Kayden A.
Bean, Grant A. Atkins, Cameron J. Brooks, Jailen M.
Campbell, Talise A. Bizzle, Devlin V. Jr Brown, Eric D.
Carter, Sarah T.* Brown, Kitana J. Burrow, Shyanne M.
Cook, Brooke C. Burley, Aiyana S. Byrd, Sean C.
Cox, Jaxson R. Burns, Noah M. Clingman, Zion A.
Crosby, Arryonna A. Carpenter, Nathan T. Counts, Ta’leah S.
Fee, Landen J.* Cox, Taryn L. Crockran, Dwayne E. Jr
Fortner, Morgan M. Durrett, Omarion Dana, Nathan L.
Ghannoum, Eman* Fields, An’Drea C. Davis, Ryan M.
Gocha, Faith E. Fisher, Gabrielle M. Dunn, Silas M.
Griffin, Ciara M. Frederique, Ashely D. Evans, Keyonte D.
Hackney, David A. Gadison, Nya L. Garrett, Brianna J.
Harris, Diamond M. Goss, Zoey P. Grosinsky, Destiny L.
Heit, Isabella M.* Hatter, Jalen K. Harrington, Daslynn M.
Holbrook, Malachi J.* Horne, Alanna R. Hightower, Jakquos D. Jr
Jimmerson, Jazmyne M.* Huddleston, Jada M. Hollis, Key’rah A.
Johnson, Nigell J. Hurrins, Tavon T. Hudson, Claire I.
Jones, Alicea C. Jacko, Anthony M. Hunt, Trinity J.
Kenworthy, Katherine M.* Johnson, Aryanna E. Isom, Jamya K.
Keys, Jacob E. Kimball, Mya E. Jackson, Nivea T.
Meshraky, Kirolous M. Lane, Angel E. Jackson, Yahyaz C.
Pangerl, Paige A.* Lillard, Raina N. James, Mariah D.
Roy, Jack C. Mays, Asia M. Kimmons, Alonzo M. Jr
Scott, Sa Niyah S. McDaniel, Jalaya K. Kowal Dobbs, Jordan D.
Shamly, Micah M. Mills, Aaron A. Kumar, Sabareesh
Smith, Ian A. Mitchell, Shytariya D. Latchison, Madison J.
Smith, Sylmaria R. Mobley, Ciara C. Ledford, Alexander R.
Tenson, Charielle S. Mohler, Emily R. Moffett, Alyssia N.
Van Fleet, Chassidy L. Moore, Premiere A. Morris, Halye L.
Walling, Emery R.* Neyland, Ajhia Munger, Simone M.
Wells, Matthew B.* Norris, RaeAnn D. Palmer, Ahana’sti M.
Willbanks, Meredith I. Owens-Blackmon, Vernon S. Parks, Khamal K.
Williams, Kortni C. Paige, Caden V. Parrish, Te’Ajia A.
Zhao, Aaron Roberts, Ja’Vontay L. Pearson, Mackenzie P.
Robinson, Sierra C. Pemberton, Cordell M.
Rodgers, Violet M. Peterson, Richard A. Jr
Sellers, Navyn R. Poe, Samira S.
Simpson, Faith M. Poplar, Aleyah Z.
Smith, DeAndrea’ M. Richardson, DeShawn T.
Smith, Destinee S. Rutherford, Brandon J.
Starling, Brianna M. Schifler, Zoie K.
Strozier, Armoni C. Severn, Katelynn S.
Taylor, Jimmy B. Jr Thompson, Gabriel M.
Taylor, Lawrence M. Tyler, Jordan E.
Walker, Jamelia S. Watson, Saniah A.
Wallace, Terrance L. Wilkerson, A’Niyah C.
Williams, Robert C. Young, Raiyannah Y.
Yearby, Kassidy A.

8th Grade

High Honors
*=4.0 GPA
With Honors
Allen, Leah R.* Alexander, Mya R. Abdullah, Muhammed N.
Austin, Mahogany A. Bowers, Le’anders A. Albrati, Abdulrahman N.
Baxter, Ashanti K.* Brown, Edris S. Jr Allen, Julius M. Jr
Beavers, Waymond M. Buck, Ashlyn N. Babbitt, Aireyon T.
Belton, Yaszmen M. Cruz, Romeo Jr Balentine, Reagan N.
Boyd, Chavonte’ L. Daunt, Emma N. Barrower, Octavien C.
Bright, Madison C.* Davis, Jamya A. Bell, Kaya R.
Brown, Allison K.* Davis, Janaya N. Bradshaw, Samyria D.
Brown, Kendall A. Esmail, Salah M. Brown, Kevonna N.
Cook, Vincent C. Gibbs-Baker, Joshua S. Brown, Timothy Q. Jr
Crawley, Nicholas A.* Gillum, Yasmine T. Caballero, Camillia B.
Davis, Kylan Grosinsky, Rain L. Caldwell, Angel M.
Day, Jakayla M. Hachem, Haidar A. Chandonnet, Michael C.
Dobbins, Sierrah M.* Hobson, Jakhouri Cocherell, Hillary N.
Dones, Jenesis J. Horton, Precious A. Conklin, Lacy J.
Fisher, Lauren D. Humphrey, Jasmin A. Conway, A’Mariyah N.
Fox, Lillian V. Jackson, A’Mya N. Cooper, Jaydah M.
Gasser, Amelia C.* Jackson, Gabrielle V. Crofton, Briana S.
Gatewood, Alaysia E. Jackson, Madison R. Davis, Kendrikk B.
Gentz, Christine M. Jackson, Tania M. Durbin, Jacob A.
Ghannoum, Noran* Johnson, Aleiya C. Ellison, Mehki T.
Halbedel, Triniti M.* Jones, Cynai C. Fragoso, Adrien D.
Hamilton, Myli I. Kamien, Ariyanna N. Frost, Selena M.
Harper, Kyliah Kemp, Aalicia I. Garrison, Luke R.
Jackson, Inell S. Knight, Me’kayla N. Gilliard, Adrian M.
Jackson, Scarlet M.* Lathon, Paris O. Gramza, JoLee A.
Johnson, Andre F. III Malone, Anthony J. Hawkins, Shakylah R.
Johnson, Timia D.* Marzette, Zanaya S. Henderson, Christopher J.
Jones, Samaiya A. McMinn-Peterson, Gabriel H. Jackson, Chyna K.
Khirfan, Amr M. Mead, Joshua D. Jackson, Devonta T.
King, Geordrena D.* Murphy, MyAziah R. Johnson, Torrey E. Jr
Martin, Clalexis M. O’Neal, Dre’ana C. Key, Ky’Mariona S.
Mattson, Noah T. Oosterhof, Parker A. Laster, Khalil L.
Milow, Alayla K. Pearson, Dylan B. Louie, Mackenzie L.
Minzey, Lydia E.* Penton, Devin W. Madrano, Alex S.
Moore, Kennedy A.* Phinisee, Ma’Kayla N. Mayo, Sydney L.
Munn, Arianna J. Sipes, Justice M. Mosley, Marcus D. II
Myott, Hayley R.* Smith, Amari M. Motley, Kameron E.
Nelson, Ja’Karra P. Smith, Katricia B. O’Brien, Makayla L.
Payne, Jaspernaya B. Smith-Daniels, Alexis M. Osborn, Zachary X.
Penton, Isaiah C.* Thompson, Gregory L. Oswald, Diamond
Raquepaw, Emily R.* Warren, DeJeriona C. Ouedraogo, Davis W.
Reed, A’Yanna A. Watkins, Jaidyn L. Reno, Gabrielle M.
Shamly, Sanet B.* Weathers, Andre L. Jr Scobey, Mason W.
Smith, Khomani D. Welch, Variah M. Shine, Sanquela V.
Thomas, Zion A.* Wilson, Naomi L. Smith, Annette O.
Treiger, Aaron D.* Young, Damerion D. Smith, Falen S.
Vanderhyde, Ainsley N.* Zhao, Steven Smith, Ty N.
Walker, Yasmine S.* Spell, Brianna N.
Wickham, Alexander G.* Straham, Corey D.
Wright, Khyonna S. Taylor, Ta’Shala B.
Wright, Morgan M. Thompson, Kielin D.
Yax, Paige D. Trannon, Kameren D.
Wicks, Destiny M.
Wilcox, Karsen C.
Williams, Aaliyah-Zuri I.
Williams, Cleveland L. Jr

Holiday Assistance 2017

Toys For Tots– Registration period: Nov. 27th– Dec. 9th, HOURS: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.4425 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI. 48507. You can call 715-4401 or go to www.toysfortots.org for more information. They can NOT service foster care families. They serve children through age 15; children over age 15, they will issue a referral for those children (only) to Old Newsboys. To receive help, you can NOT be signed up with any other agency!                                                                                                                                             

Old Newsboys– Registration period is October 30th – December 22nd. The number is 744-1840. Old Newsboys is located on 6255 Taylor Drive (off Hill Roadbetween U.S. 23 and VanSlyke Road.)

·         Must bring: Drivers License or State ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificates or Judgments of Legal Custody for each childenrolled, income document (2016 tax records, current MI Medicaid Card or Acceptance to Federal School Lunch Program).


Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministries– Helps with Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. They also have a coat/boot program. Contact number is (810) 234-2479. Call for information, may need referral from caseworker.

Student Competitions

VFW-Patriot Pen

VFW-VOD Contest

Open House Schedule

Thursday, September 7, 2017

  • Dillon, Dye & Randels Elementaries • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Atlantis High School/Under 16 • 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

  • Rankin Elementary • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

  • C-A Middle School • 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Carman-Ainsworth — Baker Career Academy • 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Monday, September 18, 2017

  • C-A High School • 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.


Mornings can be really crazy and sometimes there is no time for your child to eat at home. Please be aware that we serve breakfast in every school building. A nutritious school breakfast helps students be more alert so they can focus in class. It also provides the vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body. See below for your school and breakfast serving times.


  • High School – 7:00 a.m.
  • Middle School – 7:35 a.m.
  • Dillon Elementary – 8:05 a.m.
  • Dye Elementary – 8:05 a.m.
  • Randels Elementary – 8:35 a.m.
  • Rankin Elementary – 8:35 a.m.
  • Alternative Ed – 7:10 a.m.

Superintendent’s Letter

Welcome Back Carman-Ainsworth Cavaliers!

I am extremely excited about the upcoming 2017-2018 school year! Once again, I am looking forward to the positive partnerships and community engagement opportunities that help ensure academic as well as social success for all Carman-Ainsworth students. There are some important changes to make you aware of for this school year:

  • School-based Health Center at Carman-Ainsworth High School– Our partnership with the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) at Michigan Medicine aligns with the district’s continued commitment to the health and well-being of students and the community. The fully functioning health center will provide valuable resources to our students and families that will include but are not limited to: Immunizations, Physical Exams, Sick Visits, Nutrition Counseling, Health and Fitness Education Programs & Groups, Confidential Mental Health Services and Psychotherapy, Vision Screening and Referrals for Community Resources. You can find more information about health center on the RAHS website at:http://umhs-rahs.org/ or by calling 810-591-5473.
  • Free breakfast and lunch for all Carman-Ainsworth students– Based on our current Free and Reduced Lunch data, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools qualifies to participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), a program designed to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students without the burden of collecting and processing free and reduced price meal applications. All students in Carman-Ainsworth, beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, will receive one breakfast and one lunch daily at no charge. Although students will receive meals at no charge, all families will be required to complete a Household Information Survey in order for us to fulfill our requirement and obligation for participation in the program. Survey forms are available in the main office of each school.
  • Check out our new website!– After months of hard work, Carman-Ainsworth is excited to announce the launch of our new website. We are continuing to make changes to our website to ensure that information is easily accessible to our school community. Along with our new look; you will soon have an opportunity to download an app to a smart phone or any other auxiliary computer device which will allow for more efficient connections to information concerning your child’s school as well as district information. We hope you find the new website fresh and modern; we are working hard to make sure it contains valuable information to assist you with your student’s needs.
  • New Elementary School Start and End Times– The start and end times for the elementary buildings have been adjusted and will be as follows:

Dillon Elementary and Dye Elementary

Regular Full Day                  8:25 a.m. – 3:39 p.m.

District wide ½ day              8:25 a.m. – 11:49 a.m.

Late Start Wednesdays      9:25 a.m. – 3:39 p.m.

Randels Elementary and Rankin Elementary

Regular Full Day                  8:55 a.m. –  4:09 p.m.

District wide ½ day              8:55 a.m. – 12:19 p.m.

Late Start Wednesdays      9:55 a.m. – 4:09 p.m.

We believe that the new start and end times strike the right balance for our community and all of our unique geographic and traffic realities.

I feel the above initiatives will continue to position us to meet the needs of our students and community and demonstrate our commitment to work together to guarantee learning for every student. Thank you for your continued support of Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools.