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Bendle/Carman-Ainsworth Toy Giveaway

178893038Donations of gently used toys are being accepted until December 1 at The Learning Community building. Toys will be given away on Thursday, December 4, 2014 at The Learning Community. 8:00 am-5:00 pm for Bendle and Carman-Ainsworth families. 5:00 – 6:00 pm for all others. Limited quantities will be given at those times but at6:15 pm it all goes so bring a box! Contact Malinda Baker at 591-7208 for more info. Have question? Contact Malinda at 591-7208. Volunteers are welcomed and needed.

Winter Sports Schedule

166639415 (2)Winter sports are here, so be sure to get out and support our teams! Here’s the complete 2014-15 middle school and high school winter sports schedule.

Click here to view 2014-15 Winter Sport Schedule

C-A Offers Internet Safety

Internet SafetyDo your kids use the computer? Do they have access to the Internet? Are they left unattended while using the computer? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then this class is for you. Internet safety is for parents to learn how to keep their kids safe while using the internet.

Click here for details on Internet Safety courses

CAMS Safe Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to the middle school students who won during the Safe Poster Contest! The winners are as follows:

Photo 1- 8th grade
Photo 2- 7th grade
Photo 3- 6th grade

The last pic is from a student who came down after all the other students had gone back to class.

It’s Time For A Dance Party!

Middle School students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of dance routines with various musical genres that encourage physical fitness. Check the flyer below for details.

Dance Party

CAMS Math Party

Looking to get your child(s) some extra math education? We’ve got just the class for you. Starting on Nov. 17, the Carman-Ainsworth Middle School will have a Math Party for middle school students. Check the flyer for all details and registration.

Math Party

Carman-Ainsworth Maintains Rich Tradition In The Fine Arts

122406064Despite budget cuts in many areas, all C-A elementary students continue to receive music and art education, with fifth grade students having the opportunity to select band. Carman-Ainsworth Middle School is one of the few area middle schools with an orchestral program that prepares students for our high school orchestra. In addition, secondary students regularly elect to take art and theater at both secondary schools, culminating in amazing productions and pieces of art at the high school level.

Just this week, we learned of two significant accomplishments in the area of fine arts at our high school:

  • The Carman-Ainsworth High School Blue Brigade Marching Band was selected to perform at the State Championships at Ford Field again this Saturday. This special honor is one that the Blue Brigade has qualified for in four of the last five years! This year, Carman-Ainsworth High School enters the State Championships in 11th place in our division.
  • The Carman-Ainsworth High School Men’s Chorale has been invited to sing with the world-renowned University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club in their concert on November 22 at Hill Auditorium on the U of M campus in Ann Arbor. In preparation for this very special event, the U of M Choir Director has visited Carman-Ainsworth High School several times to work with our students…what a tremendous opportunity for our C-A students!

Please join us in congratulating our fine arts staff and students!!!

C-A Community Schools Continues To Be Leader in STEM Education

RoboticsSTEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) is a popular term nationally. Many school districts are “jumping on the STEM bandwagon” by getting involved with Robotics and other hands-on learning experiences that engage students in science, technology, engineering and math.

Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools has been a leader in STEM education for a number of years.

  •  Our LEGO Robotics program at Rankin was among the first state championship programs and has earned 4 state championships to date, including the 2014 State Championship.
  • Randels Elementary has also built a strong LEGO Robotics program.
  • The Carman-Ainsworth High School FIRST Robotics program is a perennial statewide powerhouse, earning 3 trips to the World Championships in the last decade along with earning the 2014 State Championship.
  • To our knowledge, C-A is the only school district to win state championships at both levels in the same year!

Beyond Robotics, C-A engages elementary students in the Odyssey of the Mind, Science Fairs, and Young Inventors programs. For the first time this Fall, students at Carman-Ainsworth High School are enrolled in a Pre-Engineering program through the nationally recognized, Project Lead The Way initiative. These are tremendous opportunities to get students engaged and excited about science and math…but…to be clear, we don’t “do STEM” at the expense of other wonderful programs, including our comprehensive fine arts programs.

Eighth Grade Honor Roll (First Marking Period)

High Honors (3.8-4.0) Honors (3.5 – 3.799) With Honors (3.0 – 3.499)
Albright, Aniyah M. Alfaro, Anna C. Adams-Spillers, Jeremiah M.
Auston, Audra C. Arnold, Jamie E. Amaya, Megan E.
Bachmeier, Jordan D.* Barron, Trent A. Bacchus, Mariah N.
Beard, A’lyiha F. Berry, Tyson R. Banks-Hearst, Corion D.
Bonner, Precious K. Blake, Bobby L. Banks-Hearst, Corionte’ D.
Bowie, Kelly M. Bradley, Kyle W. Barber, Devin A.
Boyd, Niah C. Bradshaw, India R. Barry, Cedric C. Jr
Brantley, Rayven F.* Brown, Antonio D. Jr Bauswell-Osborn, Quaira H.
Bridgett, Brittani L. Combs, Alanna A. Bell, Cieara D.
Burton, Nykia D. Crawford, Jada C. Biggs, KaMira A.
Cain, Kaylee M. Dixon, Payton M. Blount, Jakobe’ E.
Caldwell, Jasia R. Drew, Cara L. Boyd, Brendan M.
Carter, Aaron R. Engman, Skilar R. Brandon, Dane E.
Corbitt, Gavin L. Fisher, Alayna R. Broome, Randall E. II
Croskey, Morgan L. Fletcher, Michael J. Brown, Ariyana Z.
Dittenber, Joseph P.* Forbes, Fallon S. Brown, Lakyia C.
Doty, Molly D. Franklin, Karimah A. Brown, Renaja J.
Ebert, Isaiah Q.* Gatica, Santos Q. Browne, En-Dia N.
Eubanks, La’Angel M. Ghoseyni, Khalil R. Bullard, Ninti T.
Finney, Britnee T. Griffin, Calvin L. Collins, Alexis C.
Fisher, Amaya J. Harris, Sparkle L. Collins, Diont’e R.
Fletcher, Falon R.* Harris-Salaam, Katai A. Conklin, Jade N.
Foster, MeMe S. Hinton, Rafeal D. Conway, Donnaal C.
Fox, Andrew G.* Howard, Stephon M. Craft, Ethan A.
Ghannoum, Batoul Huffman, Destiny R. Crayton, Malik D.
Ghoseyni, Sameya M. Ingram, Zarria G. Crosby, Derrick D.
Glaser, John R. Jefferson, Maya C. Dang, Kenny V.
Gleason, Garrett M. Johnson, Cortez E. Jr Dantzler, Destiny L.
Hall, Mikaya K.* Johnson, Destiny D. Dotson, Taya L.
Harmon, Aniya J. Johnson, India R. Duford, Wyatt C.
Hill, Isaiah J. Johnson, Shamya L. Elbert, Ronnie G. III
Hill, Wallace V Kile, Shelby D. Fadel, Ahmed T.
Holder, Joshua J.* King, Terae M. Jr Fields, Bre’Azsa I.
House, Harold D. III Leach, Rayanne A. Fischer, Shawntera O.
Hunt-Rapp, Kayla G. Lester, Destinee C. Fletcher, Emman’uel J.
Jerome, Sean H.* Lester, Diamond J. Gates, Christopher J. Jr
Jones, Tamiria Y. Lindley, D’wan L. II Gatica, Eduardo A.
Karbowski, John T.* Milow, Alana R. Gibson, Aaliyah L.
King, Karyn S.* Moore, J’Kobe J. Gillard, Kierra I.
Lang, Asil L. Moye, Taleah J. Gouldman, Stephan J.
Lenoir, Anjewel N. Noakes, Torri X. Haley, Je’tia J.
Lewis, Deesmond M. Jr* Pincomb, Evans G. Hamilton, Kyliyah S.
McGuire, Andrew P. II Pitts, Chimari A. Hamlett, Daslynn M.
Newsom, Derek L. Redmond, Ania M. Harris, Chrissa N.
Ochodnicky, Ezekiel C. Reece, Brian A. II Harrison, Areyana D.
Olivier, Jada L.* Rhodes, Zachary T. Hawthorne, Nile C. II
O’Neil, Payge I. Rowsey, Arlana M. Herd, Destiny T.
Osborn, Stephanie M. Searcy, Deandre’ E. II Hill, Jean M.
Palmateer, Brooklyn F. Shann, Kloelyn R. Hobson, Jiyana Y.
Palmer, Myracle C. Smith, Clayton M. Hogan, Harrison J.
Parker, Micah L. II Smith, Colin M. Hunter, Rehaad D.
Phillips, Karissa A. Smith, Tyne E. Jalab, Ahmad Nasim
Powell, Myckal D. Tunstall, Jayson R. James, Maj’inae A.
Reno, Alexis R. Velez, Madalena P. Lawrence, Brittany N.
Smith, Amoz L. Wells, Alawnah R. Martin-Nagy, Logan R.
Smith, Arianna A. Whiteside, Demieko J. Mathews, Caleb J.
Smith, Autumn N. McCord, DeVere E.
Smith, Tashionna R. McGowan, Tayvon T.
Spiller, Essiana R. McNeal, Trinity E.
Stone, Noelle L. Merriwether, Kieana L.
Thurston, Hannah L. Morris, J’Vonte T.
Tryon-Mueller, Hannah L. Morrison, Cameron A.
Watson, Joslyn I. Muhammad, Aaliyah M.
Welsh, Janiya T.* Nagy, Anthony B.
Williams, Andre M. Noakes, Da’Sharia T.
Wingard, Makiyah M. Oaks, Joseph V.
Yezbick, Jesse T. Opp, Joshua D.
Young, Eli A.* Patton, Jeffrey A.
Young, Zachary W. Payne, Kolby M.
*4.0 Peacock, Tamia D.
Perry, Chelsea A.
Porter, Jacob L.
Reed, Ociea Z.
Resterhouse, Kyle P.
Robbins, Jeffrey T.
Sawyer, Taya O.
Shipp, Domeneke’ D.
Spanke, Dale A. Jr
Strong, Trenton R.
Talarico, Vanessa A.
Taylor, Tommy L. III
Thorn, Jaden D.
Trapp, Breanna A.
Urquhart, Tyreik L.
Vaughn, Ashley M.
Villarreal, Aurora A.
Vincent, Kazaria M.
Washington, Jacobie H.
Watson, Aaron P.
Wells, Zachary L.
Whalen, Cody S.
Wilcox, Kaleb L.
Williams, Aarynn B.
Williams, Braylen J.
Williams, Taylor R.
Wyatt, Myah A.
Yager, Joshua W.

Seventh Grade Honor Roll (First Marking Period)

High Honors (4.0-3.8) Honors (3.5 – 3.799) With Honors 3.0 – 3.499
Aaron, Jessiana K. Atou, Nella Arnold, Hannah N.
Allen, Sunshine A. Avery, Gabriel K. Bice, Rachelle E.
Ashburn, Da’Miya D. Bailey, Caleb P. Bird, Dominick D.
Baker, Luke W.* Betancourt, Alexxis L. Bradford, Shadamia S.
Beavers, Alexandria N. Blasdell, Elliana V. Bridgett, Jordan A.
Bradley, Victoria P. Blond, Imari S. Brown, Savannah M.
Branch, Mariah M. Boyd, Mon’yae K. Bryan, Camden T.
Brown, Caleb J. Brassaw, Logan M. Burkell, Carl M.
Carroll, Emily N.* Brown, Ashley D. Chambers-Johnson, Taylor J.
Carter, Jack R. Brown-Banks, Kanina T. Choate, Hayle M.
Clark, Areyanna L. Bryant, Me’Aira M. Cochran-Broady, Tristen K.
Counts, Aniya A.* Burns, Ashleigh N. Cunningham, Jajuan L. Jr
Daly, Brooklyn R. Chaney, Nkya D. Davis, Angela M.
Dexter, India I. Chapman, Kodee M. Earley, Adrianna N.
Fletcher, Dustin A.* Compaore, Teshan M. Gagnon, Ian W.
Garrison, Alivia M. Cooper, Serenity R. Garner, Ronia J.
Gramse, Lawrence L. Jr Daly, Bryce C. Grear, Sataria A.
Green, Alex B. Dennis, Chandler J. Green, Dallas M.
Groves, Marcus J.* Evans, JaiRenee L. Grimsley, Kyah N.
Harris, Alexis R. Flick, Sabrina K. Guerrero, Laila E.
Hynan, Elizabeth A.* Foster, Shayla M. Haley, E’Onia F.
Jalab, Hussam Eddin* Frank, Elizabeth J. Hall, Cladonta C.
Johnson, Anaiya J.* Gerace, Donovan C. Herrick, Ashton R.
Johnson, Cody X. Godard, Shaniya L. Hopson, Aarika L.
Jones, Nicole A.* Goulet, Morgan A. Horton, Dylon A.
Keys, Jasmine A. Hahn, Edward J. Hoyle, Dejon M.
King, Chenelle M. Harris, Roshia D. II Ingram, Jerianne M.
King, Eeshyia a. Hitchcock, Michaela L. Jackson, Joshua I.
Kirby, Bridgitte N. Hodge, Caleb W. Jenkins, Sunai M.
Koegel, Cameron D.* Holbrook, Mikaiah P. Johnson, Pierce A.
Kumar, Brijesh* Holbrook, Mikayla R. Johnson, Sydney C.
Langston Fielder, Senia R. Isaacson, Tessa R. Kirby, Jamaal D.
Liebert, Blake E. Isom, Jakhi D. Kline, Zoie L.
MacDermaid, Nicole E. Jamison, Kamia C. Kusza, Jacob M.
Maguffee, Keegan D. Jefferies, Tanya A. Leverette, Aaviyon J.
Martin, Jordan A. Kemp, Jasiri V. Lopez, Daniel M.
Masi, Taron M.* March, Rayshawn J. Mance, De’andre T.
Morrell, Aireahna F. McBride, Joselyn E. Maples, Joshua L.
Murphy, Nevaeh I. McNair, Makyrah C. Mathis, David J.
Palmer, Deanna R. Miller, Dori’asia D. McDaniel, Me’Khia L.
Parker, Marques M. Miller, Mattison M. McDaniel, Noah R.
Quinn, Cheva’ L. Jr Mitchell, Kennedy K. McDonald, Mya A.
Quinn, Jehne’ S. Palmer, Chase L. McLeish-Gonzalez, Ricky J.
Ragland, Aliyah J. Pangerl, Grace L. Miller, Korben D.
Scobey, Riley E. Patton, Mya M. Mills, Jada I.
Stewart, Geonna A. Patton, Myriah M. Montgomery, Norman L.
Todd, Alicia A. Pompey, Ronnie Jr Myott, Chance A.
Travis, Madison J.* Ratynski, Nathan J. Osborn, Alicia M.
Wickham, Ian H. Routt, Matthew G. Pettiford, Alexis L.
Willis, Amarhi J. Simpson, Montrel D. II Pratt, Destinie N.
*4.0 Stallings, Jakia J. Pruett, Kayla L.
Vines, Tamia V. Robbins, Artavia N.
Walker, Brianna E. Roe, Victoria J.
Williams, Madison A. Ruffin, Laron O.
Sesma, Arianna K.
Simpson, Holidae K.
Spreng, Michael D.
Terry, Trenea R.
Thomas, Zachary L.
Thompson, Shania J.
Triplett, D’Marion J.
Varner-Payton, Cassandra Y.
Walker, Keilen M.
Welch, Israel
Weston, Terrell D. Jr
White, Kyle J.
Wilkos, Jordan B.
Williams, Ahmad M.
Williams, Demya M.
Williams-Hughes, Danisha J.
Wilson, Keyashia D.
Wilson, Michael J.
Wood, Austin A.
Wylie, Devin S.